Love Island’s Amber makes brutal dig at Curtis after his sex confession

Love Island's Amber made a hilarious dig at Curtis during Tuesday night's show.

The islanders were playing a sex quiz where they had to guess the answers to various risque questions.

And when asked what percentage of women orgasmed with their partners, Curtis was quick to declare that he had an 100 per cent success rate.

Quiz leader Lucie gave the islanders the option of 10 per cent, 30 per cent or 55 per cent.

While debating what to go for with his team, Curtis said: "I'm not, like, bigging myself up but I aint failed."

"You don't know if you've failed of haven't failed, sorry," Amber snapped back with a smirk.

Before Michael gestured at Amy and sniggered: "She's saying she's faking it."

"Oh you savage girl," Curtis responded, before the group correctly guessed 30 per cent as their answer.

Later in the beech hut, Amy planted a kiss on Curtis' cheek and reassured him: "I'll always tell you, don't worry."

Raising an eyebrow, he replied: "She won't need to".

The game was a rare moment of light relief in the show, which was packed full of tension and rowing after Danny picked Arabella and sent Yewande packing.

Amber and Anna were the most furious at the decision, making Danny's life very difficult.

However, they later cleared the air with the couple and agreed to move on for the sake of the villa.

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