Love Island's Amy has had one relationship but schooled us in how to breakup

Last night Amy Hart followed her heartbreak and left the Love Island villa, choosing her mental health over money.

Snaps for Amy Hart.

In doing so, the former flight attendant may have had one of the classiest exits from the ITV2 show, showing us all there really are people out there who go on these shows looking for love and not just fleeting fame.

Perhaps it’s the cynic in me that assumed all contestants (at least from the last few years) have their glistening eyes on the £50,000 prize at the end, while wondering how many teeth whitening sponsored posts they can score once they’re booted.

Amy’s dignified conversation with Curtis Pritchard – the man whose eyes wandered while Amy was in Casa Amor and then once again when she returned and Maura Higgins made her move – was a breath of fresh air to a genre that often ends in screaming, swears and floods of dramatic tears, all for our potential enjoyment.

The woman admitted she’d never had a boyfriend before, yet the way in which she wrapped things up with Curtis – having revealed she had gone and fallen in love at the same time – schooled us all in how to handle a breakup.

People, take note.

The speed at which many contestants land a new lover on these shows only serves to make me think they’re in it to win it – not for the love, but the money.

While past Love Island contestants have openly admitted that, sure, a relationship might be a nice offset from appearing on the show, it was also a means to launch a career in front of the cameras.

It’s admirable to admit that, but this week Amy has shown us that all hope is not lost – you can go on a reality show to find love and bow out when you’re no longer happy. Even if it might cost you a few hundred thousand extra Instagram followers.

With such chatter about the mental health issues inherent in reality TV, Amy admission that she cannot move on and heal while in the house shows me there may be a light at the end of this reality TV tunnel; a tunnel that thrives on continued drama, no matter the stakes.

She might have stirred up trouble with viewers in the beginning, acting as a producer’s dream, when she clashed with Lucie Donlan, but she has now set an important precedent for anyone on a show of this ilk that it’s okay to act like Elsa and let it go if it’s not working for you.

Earlier this season Maura became our feminist icon when she rejected Tom Walker moments before their potentially ‘frisky’ Hideaway sleepover, when she overhead him tell the lads he was keen to see if ‘she was all mouth’.

Now Amy has doubled down on the message that women need to be strong enough to walk away from a situation that is no longer healthy.

Okay, she’s probably already got an inbox filled with influencer requests, event invitations and messages to appear on Good Morning Britain (told you I was cynical), but I’m going to hazard a guess that was never the end goal for her.

Mental health and self-care needs to be number one – not a pay cheque. Go Amy.

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