Love Islands Anna Vakili says fake Jake Cornish has a game plan to win show

Anna Vakili has hit out at Jake Cornish amid his relationship drama with Liberty Poole – and she thinks he's secretly hatched a "game plan" to win this series of Love Island.

It comes following Jake and Liberty's recent relationship struggles on the ITV dating show after the movie night challenge.

Liberty had been upset at finding out her boyfriend Jake didn't want to "rip her clothes off" when they first met.

The pair have since patched things up after Liberty demanded answers from the water engineer, with Jake finally telling her that he loves her on the rooftop terrace.

However, former Love Island star Anna was far from convinced with Jake's confession of love – believing that it was a "cop out".

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat, Anna started off by saying that she always felt like there was "something off" about Jake, citing how he didn't immediately fancy her in week one of the show.

When asked if she thought Jake's confession to Liberty was genuine, she replied: "No. I think it was a cop out. I think it was just the right timing."

She went on to say: "She [Liberty] asked him [Jake] 'how do you feel', like how can he turn around be like 'I don't love you', like he's not going to do that.

"Especially with the amount of trouble he's in already. He's not going to turn around and be like "I don't love you still."

However, she then went on to say: "I think from the beginning he had a game plan and he wanted to win.

"I'm not saying he doesn't like Libs, I think he does like her and is probably attached to her but I think he's made it much bigger than it is.

"I think he has a game plan to win the show. Like when he was in Casa Amor trying to persuade the boys to go do their thing. It's all just like a plan."

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When asked if she thought Liberty could do better than Jake, Anna replied: "One hundred per cent. I said it from the beginning that she could do better."

She added that it's a huge problem when a girl like Liberty doesn't believe what they're worth and when they don't love themselves, explaining that it makes it impossible for them to get others to love them as you need to "love yourself" first.

At the end of Sunday night's episode, Jake and Liberty were made vulnerable to being dumped from the Island after they were rated as one of the least compatible couples by their fellow Islanders.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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