Love Island’s Curtis apologises for rejecting sex with Maura and viewers are mad

Curtis Pritchard caused frustration with Maura Higgins after he rejected her sexual advances, but it’s his apology which has riled viewers.

In the latest episode, Maura attempted to take their romance to the next level only to be rejected by Curtis, who explained ‘tonight is not the night’.

Maura complained to the girls about the lack of action with her frustrations soon echoing through the villa – prompting Curtis to confront the situation and explain himself.

Speaking to Maura, Curtis said: ‘I just wanted to talk with you because last night the thing that happened in bed and stuff. Don’t take that the wrong way at all.

‘Because literally everything that had gone on to do with four people had left, two of your best friends, two of my best friends, and looking after the babies and everything, drained it out of me as well because I couldn’t sleep.

‘In bed I was just… I had a headache, what Anna said was playing on my mind and stuff, I’d love to rip the clothes off you and everything, I’d love to do all of that, but last night was so not the time.

‘Nothing that’s gone on has been a problem, I just want to reassure you and let you know that there’s nothing wrong.’

Maura, who seemed comforted by his words, said: ‘I don’t want us bickering either.’

Viewers didn’t necessarily believe Curtis should explain himself over the situation though, criticising Maura’s tantrums.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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