Love Island's Georgia Harrison says new bigger boobs have ex-boyfriends 'sliding into her DMs' to beg for dates

LOVE Island's Georgia Harrison has revealed that her new bigger boobs have resulted in her ex-boyfriends "sliding into her DMs" begging for dates.

Since boosting her bra size from a 32B to a 32C, the reality queen, 25, has had been getting a lot of male attention on her Instagram, including some blasts from the past that she already knows extremely well.

The star admitted that although she "always" has people sliding into her DMs, some of her past lovers have come crawling back since she went under the knife.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Georgia said: "I've always got people sliding into my DMs.

"I've had a few ex boyfriends try and get in touch and I thought oh my god I've not heard from you!

"I get a new pair of tits and the next thing you know, they're on the doorstep and I think if you didn't like me with my fried eggs, don't be turning up for watermelons, boys."

But it looks like her former flames don't have a chance as Georgia has been enjoying the dating scene since lockdown restrictions were lifted and even has her eye on some potential suiters.

The TOWIE star admitted that she didn't bother with dating during lockdown, but is now enjoying "the odd few dates" just in case a second is put in place.

She joked: "Do you know what, I've made a conscious effort to date recently because my dad is scared that I might be single forever.

"There's no harm in dating someone. I've been definitely taking more time to go on dates, with people I probably wouldn't usually and I've been enjoying it.

"Nothing serious yet, but I've definitely met some eligible bachelors!"

The blonde beauty did confess that if Boris Johnson decides to keep us inside again to stop the spread of the deadly bug, she'll most definitely have to put a label on it with one of her potential beaus.

She added: "If we get another lockdown I'm going to have to make one of them my boyfriend! Honestly, or I'm going to have to get an Nintendo Wii or something."

Georgia wouldn't lift the lid on who has been trying to sweet talk their way back into her life, but she has had a number of romances with some very famous faces.

The beauty has been linked with the likes of cheeky lad Stephen Bear, TOWIE stars Tom Pearce and Lewis Bloor, Geordie Shore's Sam Gowland and Made In Chelsea's Miles Nazaire.

Despite going up a bra size for herself to boost her confidence, Georgia has also been busy helping others in need with the charity Buses4Homeless.

Back in July, The Sun revealed that the reality favourite was homeless as a teenager and struggled to afford rent, before turning her life around with the help of a special charity very close to her heart.

And now she wants to use her platform to raise awareness of the amazing organisation.

She explained: "To actually work personally with a charity yesterday was so fulfilling because when you're just giving money monthly to a charity you don't actually see who it helps.

"But I actually got to meet the people yesterday, understand their stories, got to watch them get a hair cut, it was just amazing and I just want to help my followers see them through my instagram and sort of understand their stories through my eyes and help get behind me."

The charity has converted old buses into a safe place for people that need a place to stay.

Not only do they give people a place to sleep and something to eat, they also rehabilitate their lives with workshops to help prepare them for when they move on from the charity.

The end goal is to expand their space so that the bunker capacity of 10 males is expanded into buildings so that both men and women can benefit from their services.

Reflecting on her time when she was homeless as a teenager, Georgia told The Sun Online: "I've been in those shoes before and sometimes it isn't because you choose to be that way, sometimes things do go wrong within your family life, within your own life, people can be made redundant and it is expensive to rent an apartment if you've not got a work income.

"Sometimes you can have the best friends and family but at the end of the day you need to be able to find somewhere to stay and get on your feet.

"I can definitely relate to being in a place where I'm scared of being judged, but I sit there and I think I need help and I've had to ask for help and I've been given help before.

"That's why this charity definitely reaches out to me because I know there's a lot of people out there that are good people and they literally just need help without judgement."

Speaking about their busy day, founder of Buses4Homeless Dan Atkins, added: "It was fantastic to have Georgia with us for the day to raise awareness and donations for our project.

"Homeless people need our help, and we can't do it without your support."

For more information on Buses 4 Homeless visit

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