Love Island's Jake set to cheat on Liberty with 'cute little blonde' despite making her his girlfriend says ex-Islander

LOVE Island's Jake Cornish will cheat on Liberty with the "cute little blonde" from Casa Amor – claims ex Islander Sharon Gaffka.

The 25-year-old civil servant said the Brummie lad isn't to be trusted and his head will be turned despite asking Lib to be his girlfriend.

Sharon told Good Morning Britain's Richard Arnold that Jake will make a beeline for new girl Lillie Haynes while other couples survive the test.

She said: "I think Teddy will stay faithful to Faye.

"He's put a lot of hard work to get their relationship to where it is now so I don't think he's going to drop that so easily.

"But you know there is a cute little blonde coming in so I think it could possibly be between Hugo and Jake, depending on how well Hugo gets on with them.

"Jake has just asked Liberty to be his girlfriend, you know I'm really happ that's happened, I'm a little bit worried that he might might be tempted away for a little bit."

Teddy, 26, last night poked fun at Jake's relationship status and joked that he's now a "w***er" since officially coupling up with Brummie student.

Appearing to not take the quip on the chin, Jake began stuttering and replied: "You know what? You're just jealous that you don't have a girlfriend."

Massive red flag…

The star's reaction to the playful swipe has left fans questioning how seriously Jake is into Liberty and insisted its a "massive red flag" on the eve of Casa Amor.

One fan penned: "jake is giving me massive red flags why aren’t you excited about having a girlfriend mate #loveisland" (sic).

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"Jake definitely does not like Liberty," a second penned. "It’s giving actor. He will definitely dump her if his head gets turned in casa amor #loveIsland."

A third viewer agreed and penned: "Did u see how this mf Jake stuttered. He don’t like Lib #loveIsland."

Newcomers who will be in Casa Amor testing the boys this year include DJ Kaila Troy, 28, from Dublin, and Chris Hughes' model ex Mary Bedford, 22.

However, it's Lillie Haynes, 22, that viewers are most worried about after she after she announced: "I’ve definitely got my eye on Jake."

The trainee accountant, who says her feet are her best feature, explained: "He’s 100 per cent the type of boy I would go for at home. It’s too good of a match not to just go for."

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