Love Island’s Michael throws drink at Ovie during screaming match with Amber

Love Island descends into chaos tonight during the aftermath of that explosive recoupling – and poor Ovie Sokogets a drink thrown on him.

The villa erupts after Michael Griffiths decides to dump Amber Gill for new girl Joanna Chimonides.

A blazing row ensues between Michael and Anna Vakili, who blasts the firefighter for stringing her best friend along for four weeks.

Furious Michael decides to storm off but stops and turns around after Anna calls him "fake".

"Pathetic! I actually thought better of you," says Michael as he angrily gestures with his hand, but Ovie is caught in the firing line.

As he waves his hand at Amber, Michael accidentally throws some of his drink over Ovie.

The basketball player isn't quick enough to react and is covered in non-alcoholic booze.

Apologetic Michael, who has made Ovie collateral damage, says: "Sorry about that."

But Amber spots the swill and cries: "You're spilling your drink."

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The rest of the Islanders try to defuse the situation and tell Michael to calm down.

However, Anna refuses to back down and incensed Michael claims he is being made out to be a "d***head".

Michael eventually walks away towards the bedroom as he tells Amber that she did not open up to him.

Ovie finds himself in the firing line because he can't seem to leave Amber's side.

He puts a big comforting arm around her as she gets emotional on the day bed.

Some viewers have even claimed he is acting like Amber's bodyguard – and could have had his head turned.

Love Island fans have taken to Twitter to suggest that Ovie may actually be after Amber.

One viewer said: "Had a debrief with my colleague and we’re both praying Ovie’s head is turned by Amber. Just to add some more mix up to the villa"

"Ovie not leaving Anna nor Amber’s side AT ALL!! Mans come like bodyguard," added another.

A third agreed: "Plot twist – Amber gets with Ovie?"

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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