Love Island’s Mike Boateng reveals he among cops to deal with Manchester Arena terror attack aftermath – The Sun

LOVE Island contestant Mike Boateng is used to being in hairy situations in his job as a copper with the Greater Manchester Police.

But the 24-year-old has revealed he was among those brave people in uniform who were called to deal with the Manchester Arena terror bombing in May 2017.

Talking about the cowardly attack, which left 23 dead, he said: “I wasn't actually first responder, but I did work the days after that so I dealt with the aftermath. It was horrible.

“It was more patrolling the areas, making sure make sure everyone's alright. People had a lot of questions around that time. Obviously, people felt unsafe as well naturally. So it's kind of just being a presence, just in and around town, especially around that area, just to be a presence.”

But the youngster says he has now handed in his badge and baton to take part in the ITV2 show, but that the police’s top dog in Manchester says he’s welcome back, as long as he behaves himself..

He added: “I did resign to come on the show. But luckily I spoke with the chief Ian Hopkins and thank God we've got a good relationship. So he has left the door open for me to come back if I do want to come back.”

Asked if he was told what he could and couldn’t do, he joked: “The general consensus: Don't do anything stupid. Don't have a domestic.”

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