Love Islands Olivias reaction slammed as couple torn apart

Love Island: Olivia gets emotional after Haris exits the villa

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The difficult decision to dump the two Islanders was made by Australian bombshells Jessie Renée Wynter and Aaron Waters on Wednesday’s instalment of Love Island. Olivia Hawkins was left devastated by the announcement as she had been growing closer to Haris. However, narrator Iain Sterling and ITV2 viewers mocked how the 27-year-old went from sobbing to getting cosy with Tom Clare very quickly. 

On the latest episode of the show, Olivia broke down in tears in the dressing room after the dumping and was consoled by Tanyel Revan as the ring girl said: “It’s not like him.” 

Tanyel added: “I actually love him so much, I am so upset.”

As the brunette beauty wiped her tears away she told Tanyel she felt really bad about the decision. 

However, Tanyel told her: “Don’t feel bad babe, you didn’t make the decision.” 

Jessie, who made the tough decision, then came into the room to hug Olivia as she wept into a towel.  

“Olivia, I love you and I am so so sorry,” Jessie admitted. “I really didn’t want to do that.” 

As Lana Jenkins entered the dressing room, Olivia told Jessie: “It’s fine, you had to make a decision. I just feel bad for him.” 

Jessie said: “But do you know what? It would be worse for him to stay in the villa and watch you be with someone else, even though you’re not with someone else.”

Still crying, Olivia told the girls she felt it wasn’t going to work out for her in the villa, but Tanyel gave her some tough love. 

Tanyel exclaimed: “Don’t be stupid girl, enough of this, you are so beautiful. Enough, like seriously.

“Just because it hasn’t worked out for you before… Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason you are in here and you will find someone.” 

Viewers flocked to Twitter following Olivia’s breakdown over Haris’ exit from the South African villa as they were confused as she tried to reopen her connection with Tom soon after crying. 

Ete tweeted: “Olivia crying about Haris leaving then making moves on Tom two seconds later #loveisland.” 

Love Me Or Hate Me added: “Olivia with these crocodile tears. I don’t believe for a second she’s actually sad about Haris leaving #LoveIsland.” 

Noush shared: “Olivia! Wow! You move on fast!! Haris isn’t even at the end of the footpath lol #loveisland.” 

“Why is Olivia fake sad? She didn’t want Haris anyway. #loveisland,” Nicole asked. 

Ashleigh posted: “Olivia crying over Haris but she’s always been more interested in Tom anyway??? #loveisland.”

Jessie insisted she didn’t want to break up a couple ahead of her and Aaron’s big decision. 

Haris’ elimination comes after shocking video footage emerged of him earlier this week in a street fight last year.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm. 

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