Love Islands Sammy has fans in stitches as hes caught talking in his sleep

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    Love Island's Sammy Root has been caught sleep-talking whilst laying next to Jess Harding.

    On Saturday's episode of Unseen Bits (July 15), Sammy was the butt of viewers' jokes as they were left in stitches at his sleeping mumbles.

    Sammy could be seen chatting about his "feelings" and how they are "scary" in his slumber.

    This woke Jess up and she laughed about it the next day while she was at the pool with him.

    Fans took to Twitter as they were divided by the scenes – with some being scared and some being left in hysterics.

    One said: "Sammy talking in his sleep was actually scary?? #loveisland"

    A second said: "Funny as Sammy trying to open the Chamber of Secrets was, sleep talking is usually a sign of stress/anxiety/depression. Hope producers are checking up on that. #LoveIsland"

    While a third penned: "Sammy needs to be exorcised that sleep talking was scary! #LoveIsland"

    "Sammy’s sleep talking about feelings definitely seemed a bit contrived #LoveIsland#," a fourth posted.

    A fifth put: "Lol Sammy talking in his sleep is hilarious! … I'd be freaked out if someone done that in the middle of the night"

    "Poor Sammy getting drawn out by #LoveIsland for sleep talking," a sixth tweeted.

    Another said: "You think I could lay in pitch black darkness next to a man I’ve known for less than 6 weeks while he sleep talks like that?! Terrifying"

    One more fan laughed: "LMFAO this is so embarrassing y’all wrong for this"

    One viewer quipped: "Even in his sleep, he’s getting to know a bombshell who isn’t Jess."

    Others directed a message toward producers and said: "Hey production team – that’s a sign of stress – look after him"

    Whereas this Twitter user had a note for Jess instead and typed: "Jess should've talked to him because sometimes a sleep talker responds unconsciously when you talk to them"

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