'LPBW': Matt Roloff Just Proved He's Involving Amy Roloff in Family Affairs

The last season of Little People, Big World had fans witnessing Matt and Amy Roloff during a critical moment post-divorce. While they started the show as a happily married couple with their four kids, they eventually decided to call it quits on their relationship. And the last season showed Amy making her biggest decision yet: Would she sell her half of Roloff Farms to Matt and move off the property, or would she stay?

Ultimately, we know Amy chose to sell her half — and her social media followers are now waiting to hear more about her house-hunting journey now that her son, Jacob, just had his wedding. And while many assumed Matt and Amy weren’t on good terms, Matt may have just proved the exes can co-exist just fine for family events. Here’s what he posted.

Amy Roloff wrote scathing information about Matt Roloff in her memoir

We saw Matt and Amy totally at odds this past season of the show — and after the season ended, Amy revealed new truths in her memoir, A Little Me. In her book, she explained that Matt was getting quite close to one of the managers on Roloff Farms while she was still married. That manager turned out to be Matt’s current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. And Amy addressed their relationship again in a video, though she never mentions Chandler by name. “And I believe — this is all from my perspective — that there was more than just friends going on. And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well,” In Touch Weekly reports Amy said during a live video.

Amy’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by Matt, either. While he’s never come right out and said anything negative about Amy, he has left some clues on his Instagram. He captioned a post of a sunset, “@carynchandler1 and sitting here Amazed at the simple beautiful moon lingering brightly over the farm as if to say. ‘keeping taking the high Road. It’s the only one that matters. ‘! [sic].” And fans were absolutely sure he was referencing his ex-wife.

Fans recently wondered if Amy was part of this crucial moment on Roloff Farms


The dust has settled since Amy came out with her memoir, and she’s since been focused on her next steps in moving. We can’t forget that she still lives on Roloff Farms property right near Matt, however. And recently, Matt posted a photo of him with two of his sons right before they took down the iconic treehouse on the property. Since the treehouse demolition appeared to be a big deal involving all family members, fans wondered if Amy would be involved, too.

“Was Amy part of the whole family watching? I sure hope so!!” a fan commented on another post about the treehouse. And Matt actually responded to this query. “yes. Of course she was there! Silly question” [sic]. While many assumed Amy wouldn’t be taking part in an activity that involved both Matt and his girlfriend, this comment surprised many.

Matt posted a new video that has Amy in it


Not only was Amy in attendance for the treehouse demolition and Jacob’s wedding on the farm, but Matt just posted a video to Instagram that shows all of the Roloffs celebrating Jeremy’s daughter’s birthday. “Happy 2nd Birthday to the most precious, beautiful, smartest, toughest, intentional little girl ever. This Proud grandpa loves his granddaughter more then everything!” [sic], he captioned the post. And fans loved that Amy was involved.

“Matt and Amy do work good together,” a fan commented. Another added, “Amy and Matt good job together, I love to see you share together.” Yet another wrote, “Aww I Love this ! She is adorable! And I think it was so nice of you to ask Amy to help Ember! [sic].”

Despite their differences, it’s nice to see Matt and Amy coexisting for family events!

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