MAFS Expert opens up on scary Bob moment and what keeps them coming back

MAFS UK: Couples question where Daniel and Matt are

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Season six of Married At First Sight UK wrapped last year, and along with the success stories of Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria, and Matthew Jameson and Daniel McKee, there was a lot of drama. One of the key moments being when fan-favourite Bob Voysey was wronged by his show wife, Megan Wolfe. Her famous secret kiss with another contestant started the disintegration of their relationship. Ahead of season seven, the experts have looked back on what happened and how the “Bob moment” will go down in the show’s history.

Bob, a business protection specialist from Bournemouth, was often referred to as “too emotional” by Megan and considered by her as almost being too well-natured.

However, after Bob found out about Megan and fellow contestant Jordon Mundell’s secret kiss, he almost lost it.

Talking to at the 2022 UK BAFTA Awards, the three experts were unanimous that Bob’s almost punch was a defining moment.

Reminiscing on the event, specialist Paul said: “Bob looked like he was going to smack someone, but he shook his hand. That was where I asked myself, ‘Why am I here?'”

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The trio offer advice and guidance when needed but have to try and keep their distance to let the couples work out any issues they have themselves.

Charlene added: “We want successful couples at the end of the day, so we do have to remain a bit distant. 

“Although we do love them dearly.”

Mel chimed in: “We can’t switch off our humanness, but our job is to remain a bit distant, but we care so much. We’re rooting for them.”

Mel, who is also an expert on the Australian version of the show, pointed out they don’t always get it right.

She described: “I find every season it happens both ways where there’s a couple who we think ‘Oh this is going to be the next love story’ and then they fall apart and then vice versa there’s a couple when we think there’s going to be fireworks [Explosive/argumentative], and then they absolutely love each other. 

“That’s what keeps us coming back.”

Last year, Matt and Dan made history as the show’s first male gay couple, and the E4 programme wants to open up the casting even more.

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As reported by The Metro, the show is set to feature a lesbian couple.

An insider told the publication: “Married At First Sight had a male same-sex couple last year, and now they will have a female same-sex couple.

“Everyone who works on the show is excited that it’s happening.”

The show wants to be as inclusive as possible, with the insider adding: “It’s another small milestone for the series when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. 

“The hope is that including a lesbian couple will break down some stereotypes.” has reached out to the show for comment.

Last month season six sweethearts Tayah and Adam revealed that they are expecting their first child together. 

The pair seemed to immediately hit it off and are amongst the show’s success stories.

Married At First Sight is yet to announce when season seven will air.

Married at First Sight UK is available to stream on ALL4.

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