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MARRIED At First Sight's Matt storms out of tonight's dinner party as he gets into an explosive row with wife Gemma.

The tattooed redhead has been making her sexual urges known, with a series of risqué innuendos that has left barber Matt feeling uncomfortable.

Getting off to an almost perfect start on the E4 show last week, things lay in balance after Matt branded his new bride "too forward" with her sex talk.

In tonight's episode, the pair get into a fiery row, as Gemma makes her feelings clear.

Matt says: "I'm trying to figure out if we both end up here in this emotional state when we both drink, rather than having one."

Gemma replies: "I feel like we'd end up f***ing and we'd probably get on really well once we've f***ed."


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Hitting back, Matt responds: "I feel like that's everything riding on that to you though."

Gemma denies it and says that she just wants to flirt with her husband.

Matt explains: "We're not where we were on our wedding day, we need to start from ground zero."

But Gemma was not impressed and tells him: But ground zero is still touchy feely. you won't let me do that."

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Getting frustrated, Matt says: "We're at that point now where we've had that conversation."

But an upset Gemma states: "You don't fancy me…you don't fancy me."

Matt interjects: "You're here sitting making decisions that aren't…"

The new bride points out: "I can only go by how you make me feel and you make me feel like you don't fancy me."

"Yeah, but that's because you're used to someone being all over you," the barber says.

But a deflated Gemma tells him: "You make me feel where I don't know where I stand with you, I can't handle it.

Matt replies: "I can't do anything about it, I'm only going with my emotions, there's nothing I can do about that, sorry."

But desperate to find out if Matt is on the same page as her, Gemma asks: "Do you fancy me or not?"

Unhappy with the question, he fires back: "Right at this minute in time where I'm being constantly f***ing pressured and constantly asked."

Unable to answer it, Gemma slams him for making "excuses".

Getting up from the table, Matt simply replies: "Sound…I'll see you in a bit."

The hairdresser was having none of it and slams him for "running away like usual".

But a furious Matt responds: "Why would I sit here and have s***, I've asked you for some space, you've not given it to me."

Shocked by his comment, Gemma insists: "I haven't even f***ing touched you.

"I rubbed your leg twice. F*** off.

Quickly downing his drink, Matt storms out of the dinner party, leaving the other couples gobsmacked.

Last night, Matt came close to ending his marriage after her crude remarks prompted him to storm off.

The pair came to blows when Gemma's eagerness to get physical, saw Matt abandon her while they dined at a posh restaurant.

They spent the night apart and after 12 hours they reunited for a coffee to discuss their future.

He explained: "For me personally, in a nice restaurant, it's too much for me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and I have tried to express that to you, you got up, you left the table.

"When you came back from the bathroom, you didn't look at me and I felt like 'oh, this has all gone to s*** now'."

In tears, Gemma apologised and said her strong feelings for Matt were "coming out in the wrong way".

Matt admitted: "Last night, I'll be straight with you, I was done." However, despite the rocky start, Matt said he was willing to give it another go and get to know the Devon mum-of-two properly.

Viewers took to Twitter to slam the comments as "too vulgar".

One fan said: "I hope Gemma doesn’t blow this by being too vulgar for him!"

While a second added: "Gemma doesn't seem to realise that being so obvious and full-on kills sexual tension."

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A third added: "Gemma is taking it too far! She needs to calm down, it's clearly putting Matt off. MAFSUK"

Gemma's comments eventually left Matt fuming, and their budding romance hanging by a thread.

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