MAFS UK star Chanita really struggling after watching explosive week on show

Married at First Sight UK has been keeping us all entertained every night with plenty of ongoing drama between our married couples.

But it was a hard week for Chanita Stephenson, as she was stuck in the middle when a secret feud was unveiled between her co-stars Thomas Hartley and April Banbury, and she faced her first argument with her own husband Jordan Emmett-Connelly.

Now, speaking to OK!, Chanita, 29, has admitted she found the show difficult to watch and it was similar to "reliving" the argument at home.

After watching the drama unfold in front of her for a second time on her TV screen, Chanita told us: "I'll be honest, watching this week has been difficult for me. Almost like reliving it.

"I wasn't doing too well mentally because I had to deal with Tom and April. I'm still trying to process what this experiment is and how it impacts you because it isn't normal life."

She went on to explain: "You're chucked into the experiment, you live away from your friends and family, you're not in contact with them.

"There's so much to get used to. I really, really struggled this week. My mental health and I just felt so alone and so sad to be honest."

It all began with Thomas, 31, accusing April, 32, of being a "liar" at the show's second dinner party after she apparently told Chanita he had been "s*****g" her off.

He said to the cameras: "I have not slagged Chanita off at any point. April has and I’m getting the blame.

"I have not said anything. And if she believes it after I’ve explained myself then that’s up to you."

He sat down with Chanita and said: "So, this is what I've heard, I don't want to say this really.

"April was crying, I went into the bathroom with her to console her, the minute we go in there, she said 'Chanita was a b***h' and that you were feeding information outside of the group.

"But my purpose now is to tell you, and I don't give a f**k what anyone says, I have not said that about you. It was April. I don't care what anyone says, that is my truth!”

The plot thickened as April wasn't there to defend herself at the party due to being ill, so April's husband George Roberts, 40, stepped in to defend her in her absence.

Speaking in the commitment ceremony, Thomas – who has gone sober since being on the show – told the experts: "I feel blindsided – there are a lot of things that just aren't true, there's a lot of fakery, and I think I've just been stupid.

"I'm not going to be shrunken down and lied about and have my name through the mud by people."


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