Mark Cuevas skipped Love is Blind reunion to support his pregnant partner

Love is Blind: After the Alter has made its way to Netflix and we've not been disappointed while catching up with all our favourite contestants.

The new season reunites the cast members, along with their relationship status, catching us up on who’s still together and who’s still looking for love.

But one contestant that viewers noticed to be missing throughout the new reunion is Mark Cuevas.

Through season one Mark was engaged to Jessica Batten despite a 10-year age gap, but when it came down to the wedding day, Jessica decided not to marry Mark.

The pair went their separate ways after the show and Jessica is currently dating someone new, but where is Mark?

Following the end of filming season one, Mark remained single until rumours appeared that he had been dating another Love is Blind cast member, Lauren "LC" Chamblin for a short period.

However, Mark supposedly shut down the rumours and said they were never exclusive.

He later met his now fiancé, Aubrey Rainey, who he has openly kept his fans in the loop throughout his Instagram as their relationship blossomed.

They got engaged in November 2020 and also share a YouTube channel together called Catching up with The Cuevas.

In April 2021, the pair welcomed their first baby and is the reason why Mark has not appeared in the Love is Blind reunion.

Mark wanted to remain “supportive” to Aubrey whilst she was pregnant during the time the reunion was filmed.

Sharing a photo on his Instagram back on April 26, shortly after Ace was born, Mark wrote a post along with a photo of him kissing his fiancé on the head.

His post read "It’s still so surreal. I love you Aubrey Ann Rainey and I’m excited for this life with you.

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"So many feelings and emotions we’ve expressed together over the last 48 hours and I am beyond thankful for it all.

"Cheers to our life together with baby Ace, I love you.”

Between family life, supporting his fiancé and managing his business, Meta Training Athletics, Mark decided not to join the reunion.

In an Instagram post in June on Father’s day, Mark wrote “Words can’t express how blessed I am with my very first Father’s Day.

“The past two months have been such an amazing process and I’m excited to see Ace grow day by day.

“Thankful for all the kind words and sending a huge cheers to all the father’s out there”.

With another recent post of him and his son, Ace with the caption “My main man”.

A true family man, Mark certainly has enough to keep him busy with along with finding true love shortly after the pod experiment.

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