Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika went on holiday with rival Tamara AFTER having affair with her husband Dan

FANS of Married At First Sight Australia have been watching in shock as Jessika Power embarked on an affair with Dan Webb.

Season 6 is only just airing here in the UK, despite being filmed in 2018 in Oz, and it seems that since then his wife Tamara Joy has forgiven her husband's other woman – and even gone on holiday with her.

One of the biggest shockers of the series was when Jess and Dan started seeing each other behind the backs of their partners on the show.

In the sixth series of MAFS Oz, Dan is wed to Tamara, and Jess to Mick Gould.

Tam and Dan seemed to get off to a good start and even had sex on the honeymoon.

But as soon the pair were introduced to the other couples, at one of the show's famous dinner parties, things started to change.

Over the last few weeks Jess has made it clear she wants to be with Dan, with the two of them sneaking off for illicit kisses.

Jess has even made poor Mick stay on the show so she can continue her affair, by refusing to leave.

WARNING: The below contains spoilers to Married At First Sight Australia season 6.

In a spoiler to the show, we know that Jess and Dan do get together in the end.

After dumping both their partners, they are allowed to recouple by the experts.

However we also know that things didn't last between them after they left the show.

But as we mentioned, MAFS was filmed way back in 2018 and all the couples have moved on with their lives.

And in a big twist of events, it looks like Tamara has forgiven her love rival for stealing her man.

So much so, they have even been on holiday together.

The Sun has unearthed an old Instagram post which shows Jess and Tamenjoying a sunshine break together.

Back in August 2019 the girls actually went on holiday together – despite Jess stealing Tam's man.

Posting a pic of them in their bikinis, Jess wrote next to the pics: "@tamara__joy and I having far to much fun on this beautiful island 🏝 crazy how after a year full of bulls*** media and poor choice in men can bring a sisterhood together."

In the pictures the two women look like the best of friends.

At the time, fans rushed to comment on them being mates, with one saying: "Excuse me what now?"

While this one got straight to the point: "Didn’t you nick her husband?"

But this one just said: "Interesting…"

Catch the next episode of MAFS Oz on E4 at 7.30pm on Monday.

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