‘Marrying Millions’ Fans Think They Know How Rosie and Drew Really Met

Lifetime’s new series Marrying Millions has the same guilty-pleasure aspect as the network’s other shows, including Married at First Sight. Marrying Millions details the lives of people from two different financial worlds who are trying to make a relationship work. The show follows six couples, one of whom is extremely wealthy and another who is not, as they prepare to get married. One couple, Rosie and Drew, refuse to disclose how they met — but fans have formed their own ideas.

‘Marrying Millions’ features couples who live extremely different lifestyles

Lifetime’s new show follows various couples as they navigate their relationships and try to win the approval of friends and family. Each couple endures their own hardships, such as family not approving, friends not approving, and plenty of people talking. Most of the couples have an age gap of some sort; Brianna and Bill have nearly 40 years between them; Katie and Kolton have 13 years, and Rosie and Drew, who are arguably the show’s most mysterious couple, also have an age gap of 13 years.

Drew and Rosie refuse to disclose how they met

Rosie and Drew are one couple featured on this first season, and their age gap of more than a decade has made Rosie’s parents very wary of her new man. Rosie mentioned on the show that her parents are worried Drew will distract her from reaching her full potential, since he’s always buying her nice things and makes her feel like she’ll never have to work a day in her life. Drew made his millions in the landscaping business, and though he would be able to provide Rosie with the life she’s always wanted, her parents and friends don’t totally agree that he’s the one for her. To add to the couple’s problems, they refuse to address to viewers how they met. Rosie mentioned that if her parents knew how the couple met, it would be nearly impossible to ever gain their approval — but that’s all she says.


Fans think the two might have met on a sugar daddy website

Since Rosie and Drew won’t talk, fans have developed their own theories as to how the two met. “Maybe she sold/auctioned off her virginity, and he was the purchaser?” one Reddit user suggests. Another thinks it was more of a sugar daddy situation. “One theory is that he was her sugar daddy. If you listen to the way she talks, he bought her nice things at first and then she fell in love with him,” a Reddit user theorizes. Other Reddit users believe it’s obvious that the two met through some sort of sugar daddy set up, and that would make sense, given that is something Rosie’s parents probably wouldn’t approve of.

It’s unclear if their meeting will be disclosed on the upcoming season

This season of MarryingMillions is the show’s first, and it’s already clear that plentyof drama will unfold with each new episode. However, it’s unclear if Rosieand Drew will come clean about how they actually met as the season goes on. Fornow, we’ll have to watch the couple’s relationship unfold and hope that Rosie’sfamily and friends come around to the man she wants to marry.

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