Matt Baker struggles with intimidating sheep on Our Farm In The Dales Sizing me up!

Matt Baker struggles to round up a flock of sheep

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Matt Baker’s show Our Farm in the Dales is a four-part series exploring his new life on his old family farm with his wife Nicola, their children, and his parents Janice and Michael. The BBC star got to grips with farm life and taking over duties from his mum after she was injured in an accident. However, the latest rerun saw the presenter in a tussle with a sheep he was planning to take home.

Matt and Nicola headed to the Lake District to choose a male sheep from farmer Joe, who previously helped the two choose their ewes.

“He’s going to lend us a male tup,” Matt said on the way to the farm.

As the couple reached their destination, the tups ran through the field and the two quickly became enamoured with the stunning lot.

“This is the way to see them, isn’t it? Where they’re out on their own and in their natural environment,” Matt remarked.

The presenter had a difficult choice ahead of him as he was presented with 35 tups.

After choosing a sheep, Joe and Matt then struggled to capture him to transport him back to the farm, and Matt joked, “He’s sizing me up,” as he approached him.

They wrestled with the tup but he proved to be a swift old guy and the two men were running around like headless chickens trying to keep up.

“All I have to do is catch him to get him home,” the presenter laughed frustratingly.

Joe was finally able to catch him and get him in the trailer, though the two appeared quite exhausted.

The farmer commented: “He’s looking forward to seeing his new girlfriend!”

Matt was clinging to the side of the trailer as he was “massively out of breath”.

However, Matt spotted the rest of the pack by the fence and seemed sad he couldn’t take more home.

“Oh no, they are looking thinking ‘What was wrong with me?’”

Nicola responded: “Don’t, I feel really guilty now.”

Thankfully, the tup got back to the farm safely and he was placed with all the females.

As the tup quickly got friendly with his lady friends, Janice joked: “They didn’t have time for a coke and a bag of crisps.”

Earlier in the day, as the farmer showed off his tups, Matt could barely contain his excitement and exclaimed: “Wow!”

Nicola replied: “They’re really beautiful aren’t they? They’re so handsome.”

“Look at all their curly horns,” she added.

Joe explained there were two types of tups, ones “without horns” and, despite not having horns themselves, he confirmed this “doesn’t mean their sons won’t have horns”.

“The ones with big horns are usually the big boys in the pack because they can give everyone a good punching!” the farmer joked.

Matt asked him what makes a perfect tup, and he replied: “A dark coat, a white head, white legs, you want two testicles and, the purse as we call it, wants to be white.”

“How do you pick from them? They all look gorgeous!” Nicola stated.

The presenter was clearly loving the first tup he was shown, but Joe suggested another who was older and possessed a “power” stance.

“I don’t know, there’s something about that first one though,” Matt responded.

He remained undecided for a while but came to the decision to take Joe’s second option as he is “experienced and knows what he’s doing”.

Though Matt later said: “That first one did something to my heart.”

Nicola agreed but was clearly happy with the choice they made, confirming: “I think we both quite like it and I think your mum is going to love him.”

Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales is available on More4.

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