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Will someone from Kevin’s past resurface on This Is Us? Will The Resident‘s newlyweds enjoy any “honeymoon” phase? Will Fiona return for Shameless‘ swan song? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows!

Are we going to see Nicky, Cassidy or Sophie again on This Is Us? — Simy
“We will definitely see at least one of these faces return later this season,” co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker tells Inside Line. “But unless you can find a way to hack into our Zoom writers’ room, you’re gonna have to wait to find out who it is.” In the meantime, git in yer guesses! (Season 5 resumes Jan. 5 on NBC.)

Is there anything new for Conrad and Nic on The Resident? –Carrie-Anne
“Nic and Conrad get married in a beautiful ceremony in the Season 4 premiere (airing Jan. 12 on Fox),” co-creator Amy Holden Jones affirms, “but it’s just the beginning for this iconic couple. Their bond grows ever stronger when they face an incredible new event in their future — and a shocking and unforeseen crisis that will rock their world, and ours.”

Will Fiona be back for Shameless‘ final season?  –Cortney
Executive producer John Wells is certainly hoping that Emmy Rossum will return before the show signs off. But when TVLine chatted with him ahead of Season 11’s premiere, there was still no news on that front. “She’s shooting this big limited series for Peacock, and they haven’t yet gone back into production,” Wells explains. “So until we know what her schedule is, we can’t really know if she would be able to do it or not. I’ve certainly asked her, and she knows we’d love to have her do it. It really just depends on her schedule.” As for whether Shameless will at least reference how Fiona is doing if Rossum doesn’t return, “it’s a little early to know for sure,” Well says. “And I really don’t want to think about the possibility that she won’t be able to come back yet, so I may be in my own bit of denial about it.”

Rose Dawson said it’s been 84 years since the backdoor pilot of Green Arrow and the Canaries aired. Fans would just like to know if the show still has a chance to happen or not. What’s the status? –Marcela
GA herself, Katherine McNamara, concurred, “It’s been a while now” when we brought up the spinoff during a talk about CBS All Access’ The Stand. “I have no idea what’s on the horizon for that, but I do know that I’m not done with Mia Smoak,” she said. “As you know with that universe, people are brought back left, right and center. I would love to go back and play in that world.” As for what she is most excited to explore with GATC, “I was really looking forward to seeing how Mia dealt with having this duality as a character — the fact that she had her post-Crisis future and her pre-Crisis future, and now she has the tools of both at her disposal. But also dealing with taking up her father’s mantle before she feels she’s ready, and before she feels as though she’s earned it. That would be an interesting journey.”

I’m super-excited for The Boys Season 3 and would appreciate any scoop you can give. –Adder
Here is good news for fans of the mysterious Black Noir (who was unconscious, last viewers saw): “We’re exploring him even more in Season 3, because we are giving the fans what they want,” showrunner Eric Kripke tells TVLine.

Do you know how many people watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on PBS on Nov. 22? –Julia

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving — which Apple TV+ now has exclusive dibs on — reached 4.2 million viewers across PBS and PBS KIDS.

Will Roberta Deeks come back to NCIS: LA this season? What about Julia Feldman, Kensi’s mother? –Diane

I was sure to run your Q by Daniela Ruah when I was on the horn with her, and she reported back, “Thus far there have been no mothers, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t show up. We’ve seen Deeks’ mom (played by Pamela Reed) plenty — she’s a pretty beloved character at this point — and I wish we would see more of Kensi’s mama (Laura Harring).”

When Snowpiercer returns (Jan. 25 on TNT), is Alexandra is going to feel abandoned by her mother, and end up being caught between Wilford and Melanie? –Thithya

“It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an easy ride for Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) with her daughter (Rowan Blanchard) where she ‘steps into a hug,’” showrunner Graeme Manson affirms. “For one, we’re still unclear as to the charisma and the capacity of Wilford (Sean Bean). We have our ideas about him through Melanie and through his myth, but what kind of life has Alexandra been living over there [on Big Alice]? What she believes about her mother, I think, is one of the biggest questions to kick off the top of the season.”

On Prodigal Son, how will Dani and Malcolm’s relationship continue to grow with the horrific events of the finale weighing on Malcolm? –Malasha
I don’t know if this quite answers your question, but I am hearing that “Prodigies” might finally see Dani and Bright (played by Aurora Perrineau and Tom Payne) together — though in a way they never would have expected. Bonus Scoop: What would you say if I also told you that in Season 2 (premiering Jan. 12 on Fox), Dani finds herself all alone with The Surgeon… while he’s uncuffed?

Will Stella be coming back on SEAL Team? –Kimberly
Alona Tal’s Stella will be back — next Wednesday, Dec. 16, in fact. (But as you may have surmised, we have see the last of Adelaide Kane’s Rebecca.)

Where were the mountain scenes in the SEAL Team season premier filmed? –BK
Those were all filmed in Big Bear Valley, Calif., pre-COVID.

Have I missed any announcements as to whether Cursed (Netflix) or Monsterland (Hulu) are getting second seasons? –Anthony

You have not missed any announcements, though there may be news on one of them soon-ish.

Is Stefania Spampinato going to get her own Station 19 storyline? Please tell me that they didn’t move her from Grey’s just so that she can be Maya’s chef! –Kathie
Fear not, I am hearing that you will see much more of Carina when, following next week’s winter finale, the ABC drama returns from its break.

Any chance we are going to meet Katsumoto’s son this season on Magnum P.I.? –Rebecka
Indeed, and he will be played by School of Rock‘s Lance  Lim.

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