Maura ‘repulsed’ by Curtis as Islanders suspect her head’s been turned

A couple of days ago all Love Island's Maura Higgins wanted was to get a piece of Curtis Pritchard – and fast.

But after finally coupling up with him, fans think she's already cooling, with some claiming she looked out-right 'repulsed' when they headed to the Hideaway last night.

Maura certainly didn't look her normal, excitable self when her fellow Islanders nominated her and ballroom dancer Curtis for a lusty night of alone time.

Flicking her eyes from side-to-side, she appeared to be lost for words – for the first time ever.

And things went from bed to worse the minute they arrived at the boudoir, with Maura ordering Curtis to take off his floral robe and red feather boa.

"I can't take you serious with that f***ing kimono on," she shouted as they stood at the foot of the bed whilst begging him to remove it.

Instead, he sauntered over to the cupboard and put on a feather boa, winding Maura up even more.

"No, look, I've been saying that you're a manly man and this is not manly," she snapped, after he was accused of not being 'manly' in a recent task.

Clearly unable to get on board with his fancy garb, she finally pulled it off, telling Curtis, "No. I'm sorry but no. It's just not working."

And fans fear it doesn't bode well.

"Maura and Curtis don't fit, she's repulsed by him," observed one viewer.

"Maura must be really desperate for 50k, she looks utterly repulsed by Curtis most of the time," sniped a fan.

"Why is Maura looking legit so repulsed by Curtis right now?" agreed yet another.

Later that night, Islander Harley – who is currently coupled with Chris – hinted that Maura's eyes could be on someone else.

When India asked Harley if she's spoken to Chris since he made her toast cut in the shape of 'sorry', Maura snapped, "She didn't even say thanks!"

"I did say thank you!" Harley fought back before saying, "Do you just want to couple up with Chris?"

Again, Maura had no reply.

* Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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