Midsomer Murders star Neil Dudgeon was battered by muggers then went on hunt for them – The Sun

MIDSOMER Murders star Neil Dudgeon has revealed how he was was battered by muggers and left for dead on the street.

The actor – who plays detective John Barnaby in the hit ITV show – says he was forced to take the law into his own hands when he saw off a gang of criminals as he walked home with actor pal John Hannah.

Speaking about the bravest thing he's done, Neil told the Daily Mirror: “Probably the time I was with John.

"It was the early hours and we’d been out."

The incident happened in the early 90s when Neil was in his late 20s.

He added: “We were in South London and these lads appeared in front of us.

"I remember I bumped into this guy and I said ‘Oh I’m sorry…’ and realised he was muttering.

"I said ‘What? You want my money? You’re mugging us? You’ve got the bare-faced….’

"I screamed in this guy’s face.

"I thought if ever I got mugged I’d kind of go ‘Oh take it, take it…but I didn’t. I went the other way.

"Next thing I remember was John over me saying ‘Dudge, are you alright?’

"With me on the floor coming round going ‘Where are they?’

"A mate of his had bottled me. They’d run off. I created a diversion so they could escape.

“So they didn’t get any money or anything.

"Then, I don’t know what we were thinking of…

"But we then thought: ‘We’re going to get them…’

"So we went after them into this high-rise estate shouting for this gang.

"We were now really in hostile territory… [then we thought] maybe we should go home.”

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