Millions of Emmerdale fans weep as Arthur breaks down over dad Ashley's death

Ashley Thomas (John Middleton) sadly died in 2017, but his death still has an impact on Emmerdale residents. In tonight’s episode, it was son Arthur (Alfie Clarke) who was really feeling the grief.

In heartbreaking scenes, Arthur visited Ashley’s grave and broke down in tears as he remembered his father.

The scene came after Arthur appeared distant and upset throughout the episode.

While many thought it was because of April (Amelia Flanagan) and the implications of her feelings towards him on their friendship, it turned out to be a result of his grief.

Earlier in the episode, Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) noticed Arthur sitting alone in cafe, looking despondent. She took him over a delicious looking slice of chocolate cake and told him that if he ever wanted to talk, she would be there to listen.

However, when she turned her back, he rushed out of the door, leaving her concerned for his welfare.

Later, he stormed out of the village hall when Noah (Jack Downham) began to question him about April.

It was clear things were getting on top of him, so his tears over his father’s grave, while heart-breaking, were not unexpected.

Will Arthur confide in someone, or will he keep his emotions to himself?

Recently, show boss Jane Hudson hinted at a big story for Arthur in 2023, telling ‘There’s a lot of youngsters that have storylines too. You get to an age with the younger cast, you suddenly realise they are growing up!

‘They go off screen for a few weeks and then reappear a foot taller and their voice is deeper!

‘We will be doing a story with Arthur…’

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