Money Heist season 5: Professor to take down Spanish Government in escape plot after promo

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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After the season four finale came to a shocking close in April 2020, fans have been anxiously waiting to learn the fate of their favourite characters. The Netflix series recently released a trailer and eagle-eyed viewers spotted a glaring clue – predicting a major storyline on the upcoming season of Money Heist.

The explosive trailer was filled with tons of clues about the robbers and what they could be up against in season five.

It showed a clip of them preparing for an epic battle as they are raided by the military. The gang also subtle say goodbye to each other – as a fight to stay alive would likely bring death or prison.

Season four saw the expected death of beloved character Nairobi who was fatally shot by hostage César Gandía (José Manuel Poga).

Not only did her brutal demise devastate other gang members, many viewers were left in tears as expressed on social media.

Despite this, some fans are convinced the crew could make it to freedom after a quick clip from the trailer hinted they could take down the government.

It was an overhead view of a case opened with ancient tools, which appeared to be of importance as the unidentified handler wears gloves.

Taking to Reddit, observant viewer wrote: “The symbols on the hammer are Nordic and are associated with the Elder Futhark language.

“The four symbols in order are Sea, Estate, Torch, Ice’ – The cupboards seem to be Christian/Catholic and could be associated with the majority of Christian mythology,” they explained.

“The horns are the Golden Horns of Gallehus which, according to Wikipedia were stolen in 1802, I believe the key are the horns, the viewer stated.”

The user predicted: “It’s stolen gold and the government has kept it a secret from other countries. El Professor has faced police, military and institutions, however this time he is going after the entire government of Spain.

“If word gets out that the Spanish government is fraudulent/corrupt/disingenuous, then the entire system might collapse and could mean war against Spain,” the fan concluded.

The viewer went on to theorize that, in another attempt to rob the country, the gang could swap “historical golden artefacts for fake ones” in a major bid to negotiate.

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Another Netflix streamer agreed with the theory, adding: “Also, remember that Berlin’s safe house is in a monastery in Spain.

“The country was founded under a ton of religious influence and could still be governed under some older laws. I could definitely see the Spanish Inquisition itself showing up last second to absolve them in exchange of the artefacts,” they predicted.

This could be a major storyline for the series and a huge change from its original premise.

In the beginning, The Professor (Alvaro Morte) hired eight people to carry out his plan of robbing the Royal Mint of Spain.

He was inspired to carry out the heist by his father who died before he could attempt the illegal act.

As a child, The Professor suffered a terrible illness which saw him bedbound for the majority of his childhood, so his father wanted to plan a robbery to afford healthcare.

In response to the theory, one fan disagreed and suggested: “The authentic liberation is just being freed from oppression, which is the police. He says if need be, they’d do anything to win against them.”

Thankfully, viewers don’t have long to wait until season five returns and they will finally be able to see if this theory could come true and become the storyline.

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be released on Friday, September 3 on Netflix. Volume 2 is coming Friday, December 3.

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