'Morning Joe' Guest Pushes Back on Trump's 'Obscene' July 4 Military Parade Plans (Video)

“It’s not a political day,” Washington Post Associate Editor Eugene Robinson says on MSNBC show

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson criticized President Donald Trump’s “obscene” plan to feature military tanks during Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, D.C.

Describing the usual Capitol festivities as “glorious” more than once, Robinson lamented what he sees as Trump’s politicization of the events, which typically involve “a fairly cheesy, but wonderful, patriotic music show” and “people filling the Mall.”

“Presidents don’t speak at the Fourth of July,” he told co-host Willie Geist. “It’s the people’s day. It’s not the president’s day and he’s trying to turn it into something else. I just think it’s awful.”

“It’s not a political day,” he noted. “It’s a day for patriotism.”

Ultimately, he concluded the President is seemingly planning a “kind of a combination Trump rally and Kim Jong-Un-style military parade of hardware and equipment,” referencing the North Korean dictator known for public displays of military might.

The possible politicization of the day is being similarly called out in other arenas. Entertainer Carole King posted a drawing of herself to Twitter Friday. In it, her doodle is playing the piano and announcing, “Just to be CLEAR – I am appearing in “A CAPITOL FOURTH,” the traditional event held annually on the lawn at the Capitol.”

A second speech bubble declares, “I am NOT participating in t’s political rally.”

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