Mum wells up after hearing huge value of watch needed to pay for son’s treatment

A single mum broke down in tears after finding out the huge value of her family watch which she was selling to fund her son's life-changing treatment.

Fran Sawyer's son was born with cancer and a huge tumour on his back – leaving doctors fearing he would not live beyond the age of 7.

Now 17, her son has defied expectations but still needs to visit a nerve specialist for life-saving treatment – leaving his mum desperate to raise some much-needed funds.

Appearing on ITV's new show Million Pound Pawn on Tuesday (February 24), she tries to sell a luxury Patek Philippe watch and a pair of earrings that she had inherited her uncle who won it over a poker game.

Fran hopes to get £15,000 for the watch and £2,000 for the earrings but could never imagine just how valuable they were.

Pawnbroker Dan tells her: "Fran I'm not messing about. [The watch] is worth about £85,000."

Fran starts to well up and replies: "No, you're gonna make me cry. You know that it's gonna help so much because I have been struggling for 16 years with my boy being ill.

"That would just be life-changing for us."

Dan then moves on to talk about the estimated value of the earrings, which Fran says had been sitting in a jewellery box for 12 years.

"Now the earrings, the diamonds are lovely, they are really nice, they are clean," he continues.

"They are old cut but at the moment, that type of cut is actually really, really popular."

Fran could not believe that the sparkly gems on the earrings are all made of diamonds, but what's more shocking to her is the price.

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Dan says: "And the price that I would be wanting to offer to you on those would be £70,000.

"All together, you get £155,000."

Fran is left speechless for a moment before saying: "No way."

The pair close the deal with the agreed amount and Fran said she will celebrate by having a kebab and four beers at the weekend as a treat.

"That would just be life-changing for us," she says.

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