Naked Attraction star hospitalised after horror romp ‘split her skin’

Naked Attraction stars were left horrified and accusing the show of sharing too much information after one contestant recalled a nightmare romp which left her hospitalised.

Jessica, who claims she is the real life Bridget Jones, appeared on the quirky Channel 4 show to find a man after a series of unsuccessful dates.

Talking to host Anna Richardson, Jess wasted no time in lifting the lid on her sex life.

As she examined a series of male genitalia from a line-up of mystery men, she said: "I don't like anything too big.

"Once I did anal and he went straight in and he split me.

"I had to go to hospital and they had to glue me back together."

The comment left Anna and viewers cringing just at the thought, with many thinking Jess should have kept the story to herself.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "So her bum hole split…"

Another added: "Too much information, glue her bum… Dirty gal."

A third continued: "That was too much information."

Meanwhile, a fourth tweeted: "Jesus Christ, straight in there with the too much info."

Giving more information about her bedroom antics, Jess later continued: "I don't like too big legs as I like to be on top and ride."

She continued: "I want to meet a man naked as I am useless at love and I need to open up my life and let a man in.

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"Right now, my love life is a complete shambles.

"I've been on about 50 dates and they all were a disaster.

"I've bene catfished, cheated on, you name it.

"I am the girl on the sofa singing all by myself."

After whittling down the hopefuls, Jess picked Bradley who told her he loved her breasts and booty.

During their date, Jess said her flirtatious side was coming out.

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