NBC Expected to Bring Back Golden Globe Awards Telecast in 2023 — Report

NBC is reportedly reviving the Golden Globe Awards telecast in 2023 after taking it off the air for a year in response to backlash over the lack of diversity, and unethical business conduct at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association: the organization of foreign journalists and photographers that run the awards show.

The news comes after months of ups and downs, with the HFPA pushing away its crisis PR advisor shortly after its 2021 telecast, then passing multiple reforms before adding 21 new members the following summer, then forging on with an unaired ceremony at the beginning of this year, and finally losing its longtime PR representative Sunshine Sachs in March.

Last month it was announced that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would become a private, for-profit company under the eye of sports and entertainment mogul Todd Boehly, who serves as interim CEO. His company Eldridge Industries now owns all Golden Globes intellectual property rights and has committed to overseeing the professionalization and modernization of the awards show, which includes bringing on additional Golden Globes voters to further increase the size and diversity of the competitive awards body. 

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s comeback story has remained a controversial one, due to the fact that it did nothing to weed out some of the bad actors that caused the organization’s many issues in the first place. The new plan under Eldridge Industries promises those remaining members an annual salary of $75,000, while the outside journalists who were brought in for Golden Globes voting will not be compensated monetarily. While some talent representatives are holding strong on not having their clients participate in any HFPA events, others have softened their stance on the organization, hoping to bring back the marketing push and public recognition the popular awards show once provided.

Representatives for the HFPA and NBC both declined to comment on if they are officially planning to air the Golden Globe Awards again. Prior to the 2021 backlash, the network made a deal through their parent company NBCUniversal in 2018 to pay the HFPA and Dick Clark Productions, the longtime producer of the Globes that is also now owned by Eldridge Industries as well, $60 million a year to continue broadcasting the ceremony through 2026 (the award show has aired on NBC since 1996).

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the ceremony will happen on Tuesday, January 10. It would be the 80th anniversary event.

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