Netflix's Latest Horror Movie Eli Is Shocking Viewers with Twist Ending: 'Bats— Insanity!'

Netflix has plenty of tricks up its sleeve with its latest horror movie.

The streamer recently debuted Eli, a horror about a boy with immune deficiency who is taken to a special clinic by his desperate parents hoping to find a cure. Terrifying instances entail, and viewers are tweeting about how shocked the movie left them.

“Netflix’s Eli is absolutely bonkers. Starts off as your stereotypical bubble boy meets haunted house with evil spirits thrown in. But the writers must have done HELLA drugs towards the end of writing the script because the last 20 minutes are a rollercoaster of bats— insanity!” online film critic Jared Buckendahl wrote. 

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And it seems like the ending was a big shock to viewers, as most commented on how crazy the movie got.

“So I saw this movie on Netflix called Eli. Started out with a pretty good haunted house hook, but that ending… Holy s—, I did not see that ending coming. No spoilers, but I recommend it if you wanna watch something this Halloween,” wrote another user. 

Eli is streaming on Netflix now.

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