Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries posts BIG season 3 update as show bosses bombarded with 5,000 new crime tips

UNSOLVED Mysteries will be coming back for a third season with new episodes expected drop in summer 2022.

Netflix renewed the popular series as show bosses revealed they have received more than 5,000 tips since the Unsolved Mysteries' reboot premiered on the streaming giant.

The show which first aired in 1987 into unsolved cases on everything from bizarre disappearances, paranormal activity and tragic circumstances.

The first two seasons of the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries aired in 2020, with the third season coming in summer 2022, according to Deadline.

Since it aired on Netflix the show's producers have received more than 5,000 crime tips.

The show has proved so effective that the FBI reopened the case on the death of Alonzo Brooks and offered a huge monetary reward for information, which led to investigators ruling it a homicide.

Brooks was last seen at the house party which took place in rural Kansas on 3rd April 2004 before his body was found on the banks of a nearby creek a month later.

The first investigation into Brooks' death was unable to determine how the young man died.

"Alonzo Brooks was probably [the case] we've received the most emails on," the show's co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer told Variety.

"Lots of theories that we had already heard when we were producing the episodes, but there are some new names that have come in and that we forwarded onto the FBI.

"There were a lot of people there at that party, somebody witnessed what happened. We just hope that they'll come forward.

"The FBI offering that $100,000 dollar reward, which they just announced in the last month. That was so incredible and hopefully motivates somebody to come forward with what they know in that case, because somebody knows."

It is not yet known which cases the Unsolved Mysteries team will investigate for season three, but Meurer opened up about what they look for when deciding.

She told Bustle,: "We have a database of cases that we've selected [with] hundreds of cases. And I can say that we want to provide the same [kinds of] mysteries that we did in the first and second volume.

"So, you know, a variety of paranormal and murder and unexplained death cases. [We] try to feature cases that we feel are solvable.

"So that's always the goal: to solve the cases and present solvable cases for viewers to jump into."

Terry also opened up about the show's selection process in a recent interview with Esquire.

She said: "We have many, many stories that are submitted and it's very hard to choose.

"We look for diversity of categories, we knew we wanted to do some international stories, we look for urban versus rural, the makeup of the actual interviewees, the age of a case, the age of the story, the racial profile, ethnicity, cultural…we try and create a complete diverse mix of stories as best we can."

One of the most important factors is "solvability", with Terry adding: "We look for cases that we feel or that the authorities feel would really benefit from exposure to generate some tips, to cases that have gone cold that they just think there's something out there, like the Rey Rivera case, or in Volume 2, the Death in Oslo.

"The woman that died in the Plaza Hotel, they just feel like if they can get her face out there and that composite that they presented that somebody is gonna identify her.

"Or the case of the missing kids, if we can just get people to see and study those faces and say, do I know somebody who looks like that or who has that birthmark or that scar? So we look for solvability. For sure."

Unsolved Mysteries is available on Netflix.

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