Netflix's You showrunner reveals 'stakes are high' for season three and explains why Joe didn't end up in prison in season two finale

NETFLIX's You showrunner has revealed the "stakes are high" for season three – before explaining why Joe didn't end up in prison in the season two finale.

The second season premiered on Boxing Day and fans are already desperate to know what happens next for stalker Joe and his latest flame, Love.

*Major spoilers ahead for season two of You*

While season three hasn't officially been confirmed or commissioned yet, showrunner Sera Gamble is hopeful she will be able to carry on the twisted story.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: "The stakes are pretty high.

"I have so many questions about Love’s mother who’s incredibly in the picture at the end of the season, like how much she really knows about her children.

"We wrote [the finale] hoping that we will get the opportunity to tell more story because we’re really excited with the seeds planted at the end of season two."

The series is based on the book Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes, but the show has deviated away from the source material in a number of major ways.

In the second season, one big shift away from the novels is the fact Joe – played by Penn Badgley – doesn't end up in jail for his crimes.

But Sera believes he is in a different sort of prison after he discovers the truth about Love (Victoria Pedretti) and she is capable of just as sick and twisted crimes as he is.

She explained: "We actually talked about that ending for the season but he is in jail at the end of the season, it’s just 73 and sunny with eco-conscious landscaping.

"It’s this very privileged enclave in the west side of Los Angeles but hell is other people and he is now deeply connected with this woman that he loved and then he found out who she really was and now he doesn’t know how to be okay with that.”

While Joe is tied to Love even more by the fact she is pregnant with their child, it doesn't stop him from seeing out his next target in the final moments of season two.

Sera added: "His way out is always the next woman."

You seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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