New Mutants Makes $750K In Thursday Night Box Office

After being delayed for two years, Disney’s The New Mutants delivered $750,000 in Thursday night previews domestically, according to a report from Variety. Considering the fact that we’re still in a pandemic marketplace where a little more than half of all movie theaters are open, this appears to be a decent start.

New Mutants had the first notable Thursday night previews for a major studio movie that have been reported since the weekend of March 13-15, the last time all the major theaters were open, and the last time that domestic weekend box office was reported in full before the national pandemic shutdown.

The last superhero movie to hit theaters before the shut down was Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot. On the evening of March 12, the comic book adaptation made $1.2M off previews on 2,631 screens. Bloodshot ended up grossing a $9.1M opening weekend, but with restrictions and regulations coming into play, the second weekend saw a drastic drop with only $52,000 at 79 locations. It debuted on digital a short time later.

Warner Bros.’ highly-anticipated Tenet is another movie that could also have a difficult time in theaters. A report came out recently where the Christopher Nolan movie could be watched at drive-ins, but the caveat being it would be only at drive-ins where their indoor theaters are also open. In states like California, where theaters remain closed, Tenet won’t be shown at drive-ins. Chicago, though, you’d be able to watch it inside or outside if you prefer.

With its current tracking, it’s predicted that New Mutants could have an opening weekend of $7 million to $10 million at 2,412 locations. However, with the $80M budget, it doesn’t seem likely to make that back unless it has a strong showing and folks feel safe coming back to the movies, but could do well with video-on-demand in the future.

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