Nick Cordero can answer yes or no questions ‘with his eyes’ but can’t speak or move in virus battle, wife Amanda says – The Sun

NICK Cordero can answer yes or no questions "with his eyes."

However, his wife, Amanda, explained the Broadway actor can't speak or move in his coronavirus battle.

Amanda told followers on Instagram of Nick: "He can't talk because of the ventilator. He can't move because he's so weak.

"But he is awake, and he's in there. And he can answer questions with yes or no with his eyes."

She further explained: "He looks up. He looks down. He looks left and right.

"And he answers questions- yes and no questions. A yes is looking up. A no looks down."

The 38-year-old mom went on: "His eyes pretty much stay open, and I'll say Nick can you hear my voice, look up."

She shared: "He's so weak. He's weak that he still can't move. His muscles are definitely atrophying. He's lost 65 lbs."

Amanda also relayed Nick's blood pressure is still a problem.

She said: "It's been up and down, pretty much down for two days now."

She relayed the doctors' next goal for Nick is to get his blood pressure under control.

Amanda added: "So that might mean that he has an infection. So they're trying to find this infection.

"Then after that, if we can get the blood pressure back it would be to go on intermittent dialysis."

Amanda said she's hoping to be able to visit Nick soon, but as of now, there's no discharge date in sight.

She shared: "It could be months from now still, best case scenario. We got a long, long road ahead."

Amanda added: "I've told him about his leg, and I've told him about the amazing prosthetics that are available now. And I told him he's going to be fine.

Yesterday, Amanda shared a video of their son Elvis, who turned one last week, walking on Instagram, saying: "We have a WALKER!!!!!"

She then spoke of her devastation at Nick, 41, missing the milestone: "Elvis took his first steps today. I missed them, but his grandparents saw them and that's adorable and as soon as he saw me he did it for me so that's really cute.

"Of course my mind went right to Nick and Nick missing that moment and that wasn't easy."

Nick was first admitted to the hospital for coronavirus in late March for coronavirus.

The Tony Award-nominated actor for Bullets over Broadway has suffered complications from COVID-19, which forced doctors to amputate his right leg because of blood clots.

Earlier his month Amanda revealed Nick had started stem cell treatment to hopefully "strengthen" Nick's lungs.

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