Nickelodeon Favorite 'iCarly' Being Rebooted With New Episodes

Time for random dancing! Tears were shed in more than a few households around the world when iCarly closed the curtain in 2012.

The popular Nickelodeon TV show brought laughter to millions of families who grew attached to Carly, her brother Spencer, Gibby, Sam, Freddie, and even Lewbert.

For those who’ve missed Carly’s web show, Spencer’s flammable art, and Freddie’s loveable nerd tendencies, there’s good news. iCarly is coming back to the small screen.

‘iCarly’ reboot coming to Paramount+

2020 is trying to go out with a handful of wins, and this revival news falls into that category. According to TV Line, Dan Schneider’s creation is being resurrected for the Paramount+ streaming platform.

It’s currently in development and will feature OG actors Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress. No word on whether Jennette McCurdy or Noah Munck will reprise their roles as Sam and Gibby.

The outlet noted that in 2021, CBS All Access is rebranding itself as Paramount+ and will package content from BET, MTV, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and CBS. While there’s no official release date yet for the new iCarly incarnation, CBS has already ordered episodes.

‘iCarly’ wrapped up with a momentous ‘iGoodbye’ episode

Remember the iCarly finale? Carly, sad that her dad couldn’t make it to annual father-daughter dance, was set to go with Spencer. After he falls ill, her friends Freddie and Gibby tried to step in in his stead.

At the last minute, THE Steven Shay, U.S. Air Force colonel and family patriarch, shows up to escort her to the dance. Upset about his quick departure, Carly was offered the chance to go with him on a new adventure.

She gave a teary farewell to her friends as she set off for Italy to live with her father, and Sam, Freddie, and Spencer assured her that things would be ok. Further, she was reminded the internet would still be there once she returned from Italy.

What the ‘iCarly’ cast members have been up to

Currently, McCurdy hosts a podcast called Empty Within where she and her guests tackle a variety of topics including film, TV, mental health, and growing up.

Kress got married in 2015 and he and wife London welcomed their first child in 2017. They just announced a pregnancy and are expecting their second baby in 2021. Since leaving show, he’s been acting, producing, and directing, and recently started a podcast about parenting.

Trainor’s maintained a low profile but has acted in a number of TV series, including Henry Danger, Bunk’d, and No Good Nick.

Cosgrove started hosting a S.T.E.M. show on CBS titled Mission Unstoppable and also serves as its executive producer. According to an April 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she enrolled in USC and is currently studying psychology. She’s also earned a few more acting credits in projects such as Despicable Me and The Good Wife.

Now 27, Cosgrove is still exploring her path. “I went to USC ’cause I was homeschooled for most of my childhood. So I still feel like right now, even though I’m 26, I’m still kind of figuring out what other things I maybe want to do,” she told the outlet.

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