Nul points! Fans furious as Mika mimes on Eurovision in raved about performance

Eurovision's Graham Norton corrects Mika after gaffe

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While the votes were coming in for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Mika performed a medley of his greatest hits including Grace Kelly. The crowds in the Pala Olimpico in Turin were loving the performance as they danced and cheers along. However, fans at home were less than impressed with the singer and quickly voiced their disapproval on Twitter.

One viewer called Jake tweeted: “Mika miming the f*k out of this. #Eurovision #bbceurovison.”

User Incognito posted: “Mika get nul points for miming.  #BBCEurovision #Eurovision.”

Another called @turntheboxon shared: “Somebody tell Mika to stop miming. Thanks #Eurovision.”

A third @LandOfPod raged: “Waiting for Mika to perform all night only for him to be miming #Eurovision.”

“FFS Mika why you miming was so looking forward to listening to you #Eurovision,” Lazz asked.

Charlie tweeted: “Miming? That’s disappointing Mika #EUROVISION.”

Part of the reason for the disdain from fans came as UK commentator Graham Norton praised Mika’s performance and promised viewers a real treat.

While it’s unclear whether Mika was indeed miming, a little-known rule at Eurovision means performers can’t play instruments live.

So, the rules stipulate all instrumentation must be pre-recorded and artists are essentially miming their instruments.

This means reigning champions and Italian rock band Måneskin would have not been able to play their instruments at the contest last year when they stormed to victory.

However, it’s not clear if this rule also applies to the entertainment or simply the competitors.

Along with performing this evening, Mika served as one of the Eurovision hosts alongside Italian stars Alessandro Cattelan and Laura Pausini.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be available on the BBC iPlayer following the broadcast

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