Our Yorkshire Farm fans in tears as dad Clive shares emotional moment with Edith

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Our Yorkshire Farm viewers were left sobbing after they witnessed farmer Clive Owen and his daughter Edith share a heart-warming moment.

On the latest episode of the popular Channel 5 show, Clive informed Edith that she will be in charge of the new puppy when it arrives.

But as he delivered the good news, Clive, 66, also explained to his younger daughter that she has her whole life ahead of her and she has a lot more to look forward to in her life.

As they continued to discuss the prospect of the new puppy, Edith and her younger sisters Clemmie and Nancy also joined in on the fun by suggesting a variety of names for the new pup.

Watching the touching scene unfold, viewers were evidently moved by Clive's approach and took to Twitter to share their views.

Commenting on the scene, one fan said: "15 mins in and I have tears in my eyes already. Every father should talk to his daughters that way."

Another also said: "That was a lovely, fatherly talk that Clive gave to Edith, joined by Clemmie and Nancy."

A third chimed: "Oh Clive, so lovely."

"Dad and daughter time. How lovely is Clive," a fourth added.

Fans were also loving the fact that Clive appeared in the episode a lot more with his children.

On Tuesday night's episode, Clive could be seen spending plenty of time with his sons and daughters as he encouraged them with their induvial endeavours.

Jumping back on Twitter again, one fan said: "I’ve enjoyed this episode – it’s been nice to see Clive with the kids more."

Another viewer penned: "Loved that episode . One of the best yet.Glad to see more of Reuben and Clive is a darlin’."

Meanwhile a third said: "It’s been a great episode Clive & his family instead of Amanda Amanda Amanda!!"

Clive and Amanda have lived together on Ravenseat Farm which is situated in the Yorkshire Dales for a number of years along with their nine children.

Amanda previously spoke openly about her parenting style, to The Sun and said: "Like any parent, you're always worrying and wondering if you're doing it right.

"I try not to build comparisons with what everybody else is doing. I'm quite fortunate that I don't have to do competitive parenting because I'm isolated, so I can do my own thing."

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