Our Yorkshire Farm: Is work on Amanda Owens new home complete?

Amanda Owen reveals how she met husband Clive in 1996

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Our Yorkshire Farm is the hit Channel 5 documentary series that follows the lives of the Owen family as they live and work on a farm in North Yorkshire. Farmers Clive and Amanda Owen give viewers an insight into their day to day life. However, while the couple and their nine children have been based at Ravenseat Farm for a number of years they are soon set to move. But, is work on their new home complete?

The Yorkshire Shepherdess has confirmed she’s soon set to relocate to a new farm with her family.

Amanda is hoping to put down some more permanent roots at their new home, but they’ve not yet moved in.

The Channel 5 star is currently renting her home at Ravenseat with her husband Clive.

The working sheep farm in the north Yorkshire Dales stretches across 2,000 acres.

But, Amanda’s recently revealed the family are planning to move to another farmhouse.

Their new property is located just a mile away from where they currently live.

In a recent interview, Amanda explained that she felt “temporary” when it came to renting Ravenseat.

She explained it was all to do with the history of the property: “You feel very temporary like we’re just part of the bigger story before it’s passed on to someone else.”

Amanda explained how each of the buildings on the farm are named after people who are long gone, however she says their memory lives on.

She highlighted that it’s important to keep the heritage of the farm going.

Amanda also commented on how special it felt living in such a remote location.

She said: “A house is a house. But living somewhere wild, like here, really shapes your character.

“You are facing a battle against the elements here which makes you more independent, and it gives you the freedom to be yourself,” she told The Home Page.

Is work on Amanda Owen’s new home complete?

Despite loving their time at Ravenseat, Amanda, Clive and their children have now set their sights on a new home not too far away.

They will soon be relocating to derelict cottage Anty Johns, in Upper Swaledale.

The Owen family have already purchased the cottage, but they’ve not yet moved in.

Amanda and Clive are hoping to transform the property back to its former glory and are currently conducting restoration work.

As a result, the family are currently staying put at Raveseat farm for the time being until their new property is refurbished.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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