Paramount Acquires ‘2084’ From ‘The Batman’ Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin

Deadline has confirmed that Paramount has picked up Mattson Tomlin’s original spec 2084 which Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce at Paramount.

Logline for the project is as follows: In an authoritarian society that rose from the ashes of global destruction and where people’s lives are controlled down to the smallest detail, a young couple’s discovery leads them to start a rebel movement. 2084 is also reportedly billed as being akin to George Orwell big brother totalitarian novel 1984, and also reminiscent of Inception and The Matrix. 

Tomlin wrote, directed, shot, edited and co-composed the score for his independent thriller The Projectionist. He co-penned Warner Bros. upcoming Robert Pattinson production The Batman, and is working on feature takes of the videogame Mega Man and an adaptation of comic Fear Agent for Amazon.

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