Paul Hollywood’s ex Summer Monteys-Fullam accuses Bake Off star of seeing new girlfriend BEFORE they split – The Sun

PAUL Hollywood’s ex-barmaid girlfriend is convinced he started seeing his latest pint-pulling love three months before they split.

Summer Monteys-Fullam, 24, says her suspicions were raised when the Bake Off star began turning off the CCTV at their home whenever she was away for more than a couple of hours.

She also noticed his friends liking social media posts by 36-year-old Melissa Spalding — and following her online — before she became Paul’s new girlfriend.

The final straw came when Summer discovered an empty box of pink champagne at the bottom of a bin at their £1million Kent lovenest despite Paul and her not drinking it.

She is now accusing him and Melissa of “stalking” her on social media by using secret accounts.

The new couple have been enjoying a break at a hotel in Cyprus where Paul, 53, took Summer and got married to his now estranged wife Alex.

A source said: “Before Paul and Summer split, everyone in the village where they lived, and where Melissa works, was gossiping about Melissa and Paul.

"But Summer refused to believe it.

“Then a series of weird things happened, like when she found the box of champagne, despite the fact they had not drunk it.

“And whenever she left the house for a few hours Paul would turn off the cameras they both had access to on their phones, as if something was being hidden.

“He denied it when she confronted him, and claimed he and Melissa were just friends and there was no crossover.

"But now they’re on a romantic holiday to Cyprus, Summer thinks it was clearly all a fib.”

The Sun told earlier this year how Summer, who dumped Paul in July when he tried to make her sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, confronted him about Melissa after the split.

Earlier today the Sun on Sunday published pictures of the new couple at the five-star Annabelle hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.

It was where Paul, who used to be head baker there, met and married Alex in the Nineties. As the snaps became public, Summer was accusing Paul of stalking her on social media.

She said he used three profiles — going by the names Biker, Chris, and Leigh — to watch content she uploaded to her Instagram account.

She told him: “Maybe you can stop looking at my stories on a daily basis through your fake accounts.”

Then she told Melissa: “And you babe!” as she posted a screenshot that reportedly showed her love rival had watched her latest story.

When The Sun approached Paul about his relationship with Melissa two months ago, he insisted they were just friends.

It is thought they met at the Chequers Inn in Smarden, Kent, which Melissa runs.

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