Peacock's 'One of Us Is Lying' Cast Includes 2 'Cobra Kai' Actors

On July 20, 2021, NBC’s streaming service Peacock debuted the first teaser trailer for its new series, One of Us Is Lying. The teen mystery’s cast features some new faces, but there are also a few people viewers may recognize from past projects. In fact, two cast members might look familiar to those who watched Netflix’s hit Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai. Here’s more on One of Us is Lying stars Annalisa Cochrane and Barrett Carnahan.

‘One of Us Is Lying’ cast member Annalisa Cochrane plays Yasmine on ‘Cobra Kai’

One of Us is Lying stars Annalisa Cochrane as Addy Prentiss, a popular cheerleader at Bayview High School and a suspect in the murder of a fellow student. Cochrane is no stranger to streaming services; she previously appeared in Netflix’s Cobra Kai as Yasmine, a popular student at West Valley High School and a season 1 antagonist known for bullying Aisha Robinson (Nichole Brown).

In a 2019 interview with Close-Up Culture, Cochrane spoke about Cobra Kai‘s success and her character’s development.

“This show has lasting power, and I’m thrilled to see where our writers take the conversation even in terms of my own ‘mean girl’ character, Yasmine,” she said. “Bullies aren’t born bullies. There’s often something that made them that way, and I love exploring the opposite perspective because at the end of the day, humanizing each other is the only way we can bridge understanding and trust.”

In addition to Cobra Kai, Cochrane played Kellyann in a 2019 episode of Hulu’s original anthology series Into the Dark. That same year, she appeared in the Shudder exclusive horror film Confessional. Cochrane even played the role of Zoey on The Young and the Restless in 2017.

Barrett Carnahan plays Young Kreese on ‘Cobra Kai’

Meanwhile, Barrett Carnahan plays Jake Riordan in One of Us Is Lying, Addy’s boyfriend and another suspect in the murder investigation. Many Cobra Kai fans might recognize Carnahan from season 3. The season featured flashback scenes from John Kreese’s (Martin Cove) past in the Vietnam War, with Carnahan playing Young Kreese.

In an interview with Comic Book Rant, Carnahan explained how he wanted to portray the younger version of Cobra Kai‘s villain.

“I think little things I could do, as far as his behavior — I didn’t want him to be as charismatic at the very beginning, I wanted him to appear more sad. By the time you see him in Vietnam, he’s a little bit more comfortable; a little bit more confident with his buddies,” Carnahan revealed. “And by the end, after he’s lost everything, I wanted that sadness to come back. I wanted him to look a lot more drained. A combination of physicality but also personality goes a long way, and I’m just hoping I pulled that off.”

In addition to Cobra Kai, Carnahan also appeared in Freeform’s hit new series Cruel Summer as Jeannette Turner’s (Chiara Aurelia) older brother. Other notable credits include Alexa & Katie and Grown-ish.

‘One of Us Is Lying’ follows a high school murder mystery

In One of Us Is Lying, five students walk into detention on the first day of school. However, only four of them walk out alive. When someone murders Simon (Mark McKenna), the remaining four students’ secrets begin to spill. How far will they go to protect themselves?

At the time of this writing, One of Us Is Lying does not yet have a release date. However, Peacock teased that it will be “streaming soon.”

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