Peaky Blinders series five finale descends into one of its bloodiest episodes ever with 25 stabbings in two minutes – The Sun

THE Peaky Blinders series finale descended into a bloodbath — with 25 stabbings in two minutes.

Two members of the Birmingham gangster clan were among four “disgustingly violent” deaths as mob warfare broke out.

Aidan Gillen’s character Aberama Gold — due to marry matriarch Polly Gray — was stabbed 22 times.

And Tommy Shelby’s old pal Barney, played by Cosmo Jarvis, 30, was shot in the head as their plan to kill fascist leader Oswald Mosley failed.

Tommy, played by Cillian Murphy, 43, survived the backlash but the fifth series ended with him appearing to shoot himself in the head.

His brother Arthur, played by Paul Anderson, 41, also dodged a murder attempt by stabbing his assailant.

However the Garrison barman was not so lucky — and got shot in the head. It was one of the most violent Peaky Blinders episodes ever, but the cast insisted it was fully justified.

Helen McCrory, 51, who plays Polly, said: “It’s disgustingly violent and it should be.”

Finn Cole, 23, who plays her on-screen son Michael, added: “The guns, the shooting, whatever it might be, the violence is part of this genre.”

The BBC show is expected to return for two more series.

Shock end a real tease

by Joe Kasper, Bizarre reporter

ALL seems to be going to plan for Tommy as he plots the perfect storm for fascist Oswald Mosley.

But the genius writing of Steven Knight led us into a false sense of security and I was stunned by the carnage that ensued.

Poor Polly won’t get her dream wedding and Oswald walked away unscathed.

I was left wondering how Tommy comes back from this.

Will he even be alive as he continues to struggle with his demons?

One thing’s for sure — series six can’t come soon enough.

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