Piers Morgan fiercely defends Ricky Gervais over ‘woke brigade’ Taliban joke backlash

Talk TV: Piers Morgan defends Ricky Gervais Twitter joke

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On Monday night, Piers Morgan: Uncensored was host to an official spokesman for the Taliban where Piers pressured the guest with hard-hitting questions. Once the TalkTV interview was over, Twitter was overflowing with viewers who had strong opinions about the interview, with one tweeting at comedian Ricky Gervais asking what he thought. After Ricky made a joke about the chat, Piers fiercely defended him after it was taken the wrong way and slammed the “wokies”, claiming that jokes are an “increasingly endangered species”.

After the Taliban interview, Twitter user @FrenchParis1 asked Ricky: “@Rickygervais, what do you think about @piersmorgan interviewing the Taliban tonight? #disgusting.”

Ricky replied and joked: “I’ve lost all respect for them,” which sent Twitter into a meltdown with people slamming the attempt at humour.

Touching on the incident, Piers began: “One of the biggest problems with Twitter is that many people on it don’t seem to have a sense of humour.

“My fiery interview with the Taliban’s official spokesman last night got everyone talking, and Twitter, of course, would dissolve into a frothy lava of rage about the fact that I was even doing it.”

When looking at the tweet, Piers added a sound effect of canned laughter and explained: “I’ve had to add the canned laughter so that any wokies watching realise he was joking.

“But not everyone knew this, ‘So you mean you’ve had respect for them?’ was one of the replies to Gervais.

“‘I thought you claimed to be an advocate for free speech?’ said another, you’re backtracking on people just because they want to air an opinion you don’t like.

“Incredibly, even the Daily Mirror, a national newspaper I used to run, failed to get the joke, ‘Ricky Gervais slams Piers Morgan for ‘disgusting’ Taliban interview’, no he didn’t.

“No, he wasn’t. He was joking obviously, but obviously not otherwise, you would have got the joke, it took another British Comedian, David Baddiel, to point out the obvious.

“‘This is a great joke,’ that’s it, that was it, it was a funny joke, that was off the back of an incredibly serious subject,” he reminded.

The controversial presenter continued: “But we must never let serious things of the world mean we lose our sense of humour. Unfortunately, jokes are an increasingly endangered species in today’s miserable order of a world.

“Where being mortally offended and outraged is in fashion, the joyless woke brigade are so desperate to feel aggrieved, affronted, and appalled, to which I remind them all from the advice of the late great cricket genius Shane Warne.

“In this politically correct day and age, we have just got to be a little bit careful, but sometimes just say get stuffed to the fun police. I mean seriously, just tell them to get stuffed.

“I know there are people tweeting me, incensed wokies who don’t get the joke, or perhaps they do get it and pretend to signal their outrage, it and they are exhausting.”

Some of the comments that Ricky received after making the joke included Aaron Hawkins asking: “Do you think it’s funny that famous people publicly saying they respected the Taliban???”

@MMRN97 commented: “I like neither of them, shouldn’t really be giving them a platform, but never know we might learn something.”

Whereas a lot of viewers understood that joke that Ricky was making, with Jonny Reid praising: “Ricky wins the internet today!”

Adrian Bleasdale laughed: “Wow, mate, some people genuinely can’t see the joke!”

While Amanda Griffiths added: “How the hell do people get through life with any sense of humour?”

Piers Morgan: Uncensored airs weekdays from 8pm on TalkTV.

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