Piers Morgan lays into 'village idiot' Covid conspiracy theorist who said Bill Gates paid him $1bn to promote vaccine

PIERS Morgan pulled no punches when he laid into a "village idiot" who accused him of being bribed to take the Covid vaccine.

The GMB host, 55, scathingly replied to the Twitter user named Wayne who had asked him, "how much of that gates money u received…"

"Hi Wayne, yes, @billGates paid me $1 billion to big up the vaccines so that we could implant a chip inside you, control your brain, & turn you into a village idiot. And it's clearly working!"

Many of Piers' Twitter fans backed the GMB host's comments, lashing out at 'anti-vaxxers' generally.

One wrote: "Brilliant answer Piers. Can't believe how many idiots are out there. I had my vaccine yesterday. Staff were amazing. Talked me through everything. No side effects. Nothing. Feel great."

Another added: "Best bit is these idiots can’t make the simple connection between a chip being so small it can be injected and the power requirements to make it run and the size of the hardware to transmit. Technically impossible, but don’t let that get in the anti-vaxer way."

And a third said: "Wayne tweets that from his iphone, which can be used to track his location to within half a meter. Irony is dead."

The dad-of-four has long supported the vaccines and even promised to take one live on TV to help encourage others to take it.

Piers is fully on board with this new breakthrough and took to Twitter to share his view on the matter.

He tweeted: "To all the anti-vaxxer Covidiots predictably now screaming that they won’t have the jab, let me say this: a) If it’s approved then I will have it done live on TV. b) If you refuse to have it then no more flying for you, and no using the NHS if you get covid. Deal?"

He has also told anti-vaxxers that they should be banned from flights.

The TV host's outspoken stance on the national lockdown and vaccine has seen him be the target of death threats.

He called for "Covidiots" who believe in "insane conspiracy theories" to unfollow him.

However, Piers' request sparked an incredibly hostile response, with one person even threatening him with hanging.

Piers Morgan has consistently chastised the government for not doing enough in their Covid response and insists we need stricter lockdown measures to control the spread of the virus.

The presenter has clashed with eldest son Spencer multiple times due to their opposing lockdown beliefs.

He also branded Denise Welch a "Covidiot" for her beliefs that the government is "fear mongering" over coronavirus.

The UK this week began rolling out doses of the Pfizer vaccine of which it currently had 800,000 available to give to people deemed at the top of the priority list.

Britain has recorded another 20,964 coronavirus cases in the largest daily rise in three weeks.

Deaths rose by 516, bringing the total to 63,082.

Today's jump in cases is significantly higher than last Thursday’s figure of 14,879, and also larger than the 16,272 infections reported a fortnight ago on November 26.

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