Piers Morgan rages at lack of social distancing on EasyJet flight as reporter board flight on GMB – The Sun

PIERS Morgan slammed the lack of social distancing on board an EasyJet flight as Good Morning Britain travel expert Simon Calder revealed the process.

The opinionated TV host was supposed to be paying attention to what Simon was saying but got distracted by those behind him in queues and on the plane itself.

After months of lockdown and grounded flights, flying opens up to the UK again today amid the loosening of coronavirus restrictions.

GMB travel expert Simon Calder was on hand to show what holiday makers could expect by boarding an EasyJet plane to Scotland.

But as Piers followed the report, he was left astounded by the lack of social distancing going on around him.

Incredulous, the 55-year-old asked travel expert Simon about the situation and if it was possible to stay a safe distance away from someone.

Simon replied: “No you absolutely can't. There's a couple of empty seats but you'll see it's quite crowded on board. Of course, everyone wearing masks."

Piers was incensed, stating: “People might be incredulous – we're supposed to be respecting two metre social distancing.

“You guys on that plane are barely respecting two feet! How can EasyJet be allowed to do that?”

Defending the airline, Simon responded: “It's your choice!

“They're doing everything they can – they've got high efficient particulate air filters so the air is coming down here and it's going straight into the floor, they say.

“So therefore if anyone has any coughs or sneezes it's not going to affect me – that's the theory.”

It's not just flights that reopened today, non-essential retailers also prepared to open their doors to shoppers today, including Argos and Primark.

It comes nearly three months after they were forced to close their doors to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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