Piers Morgan reignites feud with Alex Beresford as he returns to ITV Hes an idiot

Piers Morgan calls Beresford an ‘idiot’ and storms off Lorraine

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Just over a year after he walked off Good Morning Britain when he refused to listen to Alex Beresford’s defence of Meghan Markle, Piers Morgan returned to ITV. The host of new TalkTV series Uncensored reignited his feud with the weatherman as he explained exactly why he walked off and branded his former co-star an “idiot”.

Appearing on Lorraine, Piers began: “What state have we got to where in my case I was hired to that show precisely because I had strong opinions.”

Lorraine argued: “But you had Susanna [Reid] there and that was why Ofcom ruled everything was alright.”

“That wasn’t the only reason they ruled it was alright,” Piers hit back.

“The last three paragraphs of the Ofcom ruling, go back and read them, said it would be a chilling infringement of my right of free speech if I’d not been able to give an opinion.

“Chilling is their word not mine. I don’t agree with that. We always had a balance debate on Good Morning Britain.

“That’s why it was so successful. On the last day we got our highest ratings and beat the BBC.

“I wasn’t expecting a carriage clock Lorraine but I wasn’t expecting to leave the building either.”

He added: “It’s lovely to be back but I didn’t want to leave. It wasn’t my choice to leave.”

Piers went on to clarify he only walked off GMB because he didn’t want to listen to “idiot” Alex.

“I didn’t walk out,” he stated as Lorraine exclaimed: “You did! There’s video evidence.”

The TalkTv star hit back: “Play the video of me storming back in. I went back in that day.”

“That doesn’t count,” Lorraine argued but Piers didn’t agree with her.

He explained: “I had a little time out because I wasn’t sure how I’d respond if I stayed there listening to that idiot giving me his two pennies worth.

“So I did walk back in and I did finish that show. I chose not to apologise and to leave.

“But I did have a great time, I did love Good Morning Britain, I did love trebling the ratings, I loved all the noise and fun we had.

“I’m looking forward to having the same fun on my new TV show.”

Lorraine rounded out the interview: “Well we will see Piers Morgan: Uncensored on Monday at eight o’clock on TV. You can toddle off now.”

“I’m storming off,” Piers laughed as he jokingly repeated his walk off from GMB a year ago.

Lorraine laughed: “He’s storming off again, he can’t help himself!”

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am.

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