Power Book 4 Forces Tommy Flanagan star confirms scope for spin-off crossovers

Power Book IV: Starz releases trailer for Force series

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Starz’s hit crime series, Power, extended its franchise with the recent addition of Power Book IV: Force, which followed hot-headed criminal Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) in Chicago. However, his ploy to distribute drugs was faced with instant rebuttal after he clashed with the notorious and seasoned gangster Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan). With an impending war looming, Flanagan dropped a major clue and hinted at a potential crossover.

After being introduced to Tommy in the original series of Power, viewers were well aware of what could come from his imminent fits of rage.

However, after relocating from New York to Chicago, he met his match in Walter Flynn.

The Flynn family were well known, respected and feared in the city because of the danger that could come from their influence and power.

After warning Tommy about distributing his drugs in their city and threatening him to leave Chicago, the stubborn criminal saw it as a challenge which he intended to win and decided he would stay, which threatened a brutal war between the two.

In his exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Flanagan stated: “I think there’s always going to be that potential.”

He added: “I think so, yeah. It all depends on the story, you know, and how good the story is and whether it merits crossover.

“I mean, I think Tom Egan’s in Chicago [but] I think Tommy Egan, as long as he’s throwing breath, he could go anywhere.

“But if he leaves Chicago that leaves all us behind that so that’s another… I don’t know.”

A crossover could likely happen as Tommy wasn’t the only character from the original series to make an appearance in this spin-off.

Liliana (Audrey Esparza), who appeared in two episodes of Power, returned to work with Tommy, seven years after she was last seen on screen.
The Scottish native, who didn’t lose his accent for the role, also opened up about working in Chicago for the series

He said: “It would’ve been spectacular if it wasn’t for Covid.

“Because all we did was went to stage, everybody back to their apartment, that was it for eight months.

“I think we had two Covid scares, two shut downs over the whole shoot, which took us to eight months.

“It was definitely kind of tough all that time, but boo-hoo. You’re in a bubble, you can’t leave, you’re testing three times a week, a lot of the cast were vaccinated, but yeah, I wanna get to know Chicago.

“I mean, me and Joseph would plan to do ride alongs with cops, talk to a few politicians and a few gangsters and really get to know the city.”

Flanagan added: “But because of the restrictions, you can’t do f**k all. So hopefully this year I’ll go back and I’ll get more access to Chicago because it’s a fascinating city.”

Speaking of another year, the actor also shared his hopes for a second instalment of Power Book IV.

“As soon as I got on set with these guys and got in front of Joseph with the cameras and we started doing our thing, I think, ‘I wanna be here’.

“So yeah, my hopes are long may it run. And I think it’s got legs for sure.

He concluded: “I mean, he’s such an interesting character, Tommy, you know. And I buy into the way Joseph plays him, 100 per cent. Totally buy it, I see the reality and the truth in there.”

Power Book IV: Force is available on Starz in USA and is available on Starzplay in the UK

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