Professional dancer exposes reason Ellie Simmonds could win Strictly

James Jordan defends his Ellie Simmonds comment on leg bending

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Strictly Come Dancing is back this weekend and the contestants have started to get to grips with the basic steps for each dance. Paralympian Ellie Simmonds and her partner Nikita Kuzmin have impressed the judges so far and have taken on board their comments. Professional dancer and Dancing with the Star expert, Gary Edwards, explained to why the pair could win. 

Ellie has left the judges feeling emotional following her moving performances, and went on to provide plenty of entertainment during Movie Week. 

This weekend she will be tackling the Salsa to I Love Your Smile by Shanice and Ellie is excited to take on a new challenge. 

Gary Edwards said her attitude towards learning something new each week is what will get her through to the final. 

He said: “Ellie has got the attitude 100 per cent, she was probably the best in how she was going into the competition. 

“She was going in knowing it was going to be difficult, physical, having to learn a lot of new stuff.

“She was the most mentally prepared out of everybody and that’s what’s showing.

“That’s why they have got a really good start, they have done an amazing job and they have hit the ground running fast.

“Her head is in the right place, she has literally nailed it. That’s the mentality you need, what she has done.

“She could go a long way, she has got that head start as it gets more difficult, as you are bouncing from dance to dance, from style to style, you have to reset and undo sometimes what you learnt last week.

“That’s why you need her mentality, she’s giving Nikita literally everything and that also helps.”

The swimming champion is on Instagram and she told her fans she has been loving every second of the Strictly experience. 

After her Movie Week performance she said: “Thank you ever so much for the love and support, and everyone who’s keeping us in this Strictly journey, it means the absolute world to us. Having the time of my life.

“Cannot believe we are through to another week (buzzing). Nikita, you’ve got me for another week – and this week I’ll try to talk less (cannot promise you anything).”

Gary also said Will Mellor and Tyler West could be in the running to lift the Glitterball Trophy. 

He defended Will over criticism that he has not connected with his partner Nancy Xu, explaining: “Will at the moment is in the top two for me but it’s really early days. 


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“Sometimes you connect immediately, sometimes it can take you a while and as a pro, it’s their job to make that connection.

“The longer the journey goes the more connection they will have for sure, as it’s a part of what she is supposed to be doing.

“I just think there’s plenty of time for that connection to grow.”

Fleur East was in the dance-off last week, much to the surprise of viewers and the judges. 

Despite this, Gary said she has the potential to go very far in the competition. 

He explained: “I think she has got massive potential, it’s whether or not she can harness that emotion and put it into the dance.

“They are trying to move in a way they aren’t used to, the hardest part, and putting those things together and bonding with a new person.

“If the show was longer she’s definitely one long-term who would be really good, I think if she can focus on harnessing that emotion she could go a long way.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One on Saturday at 6.30pm

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