Quantum Leap Recap: Ben Makes a Surprising Trip to [Spoiler] Ahead of Next Week's Season 1 Finale

In this week’s Quantum Leap, Ben wound up in the body of a flight attendant on a plane in 1971 that was doomed to crash.

With Ziggy revealed to be the mole, Magic called for Ian to pull the plug on the sophisticated A.I. — much to Ian’s contempt. This forced the team to rely on the hand link and their own ingenuity as they tried to figure out what sent the flight plunging into the Atlantic Ocean.

It turned out that four hijackers, who were deep in debt, were going to take control of the plane, which would somehow crash after that. Ben was able to stop the quartet from completing their plan and even learned how to safely land the plane with help from Ian, who appeared as a hologram to talk him through it.

Oh, and Ben remembered Ian, much to their surprise. It looked like more of his memories were slowly returning.

As the team celebrated another successful mission, Ben made his next leap… into a post-apocalyptic future. Snow drizzled through a hole in ceiling of the Los Angeles headquarters, which were left in ruins. Ziggy was also destroyed.

“It’s snowing in LA,” Ben observed.

Future Ian, gray-haired and boasting a raspy voice, noted that this was a nuclear winter. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” they told Ben.

The plot? It sure has thickened. However, executive producer Dean Georgaris has assured that answers are coming in the finale airing next week.

How are you feeling about this week’s Quantum Leap? What do you think will happen in the finale? Drop your thoughts and predictions below!

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