Queen of the South: Why did Jon-Michael Ecker really leave as Guero?

Queen of the South: Alice Braga teases season five filming

Queen of the South season five is in the pipeline after filming was halted last year. The new series is anticipated to be coming to screens on The USA Network in 2021 and then later dropping on Netflix UK. Some fans are curious about previous seasons and why some characters left including Jon-Michael Ecker as Guero.

Why did Jon-Michael Ecker really leave Queen of the South?

Guero was a big part of Queen of the South early on as Teresa Mendoza’s (played by Alice Braga) boyfriend.

The pair got together while she was working as a money changer and she was getting sexually assaulted by her boss.

Guero put a stop to this when he beat up her boss and the pair become romantically involved.

Teresa and Guero formed a strong bond and their relationship saw her entering the organised crime world in earnest.

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Guero was a drug runner for Epifaño Vargas (Joaquim de Almeida) as well as working as pilot for the cartel.

Initially, Guero was thought to have been killed in Queen of the South but later made a shocking comeback.

He was revealed to be working as an informant for the DEA after he was saved from an aeroplane crash by the organisation.

Guero struck a deal with the agency whereby he would give details about the Vargas Cartel and in exchange wouldn’t go to jail.

Sadly, this was to seal his fate with Guero later captured and brutally tortured by the Vargas Cartel for being a turncoat.

Despite Teresa and Guero’s valiant efforts to flee from the Vargas Cartel, he died as they made their escape.

From the looks of it, the character of Guero had a natural end to his character arc rather than the actor Ecker taking the decision to leave.

Given the brutal nature of Queen of the South, characters rarely last long and perhaps Guero had gone as far as he could with Teresa.

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Since his death, Teresa has transformed herself into a queenpin who is building an impressive empire as she tries to run a legitimate business without having to resort to violent tactics.

Speaking to LATV Network back in 2017, Ecker reflected about landing the role in Queen of the South, saying he had watched a few of the episodes from the original telenovela the USA Network show takes its cue from.

He hadn’t watched the whole televnovela or the book La Reina del Sur by author Arturo Pérez-Reverte until he got the job.

Ecker said: “I knew of its existence but I never sat down and watched it.”

He admitted Queen of the South was his first role primarily in English after working on projects in Spanish.

Ecker who hails from Texas can speak Spanish and the majority of his work until Queen of the South saw him acting in Latin American projects rather than English-language ones.

Along with working on Queen of the South, Ecker also appeared on Netflix’s series Narcos and Gossip Girl: Acapulco.

Since departing from the series, Ecker is going to be appearing in the upcoming Netflix show Firefly Land which is in post-production according to IMDb.

He is also appearing in an episode of Chicago Fire and TV movie For Love – another one in post-production.

Queen of the South season 5 is in production

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