Queen ‘should be front of the queue’ for Covid vaccine: ‘She’s not like everyone else’

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With the breakthrough news this week that a coronavirus vaccine is on its way, This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield brought up the fact it may be rolled out to targeted groups such a the elderly first. As such, The Queen and Prince Philip would fall into that category, although there has been some debate as to whether the Royal Family should be prioritised over others for the treatment. It was the centre of conversation between Phillip, Holly and their guests Andrew Neil and Beverley Turner – and it’s fair to say they sided with the royals being “front of the queue”.

“Quite frankly, I’m happy to say I think she should be amongst the front of the queue,” This Morning’s Phillip began.

He listed his reasons: “She’s 94, her husband is 99, what she’s done, the service that she’s given, what it would for us as a country if, God forbid, she was claimed by it,

“I want her front and foremost,” Phillip concluded, with guest Andrew in total agreement.

“I agree entirely,” Andrew responded. “She’s the head of state, she brings us together.

“She brought us together at the start of this crisis in the way the politicians can’t do.

“To lose her now would be a terrible national blow at this time in the pandemic, it’s the last thing we want to happen.”

The journalist went on: “And as I say, she’s head of state, she should get the vaccine,

“She should be at the front of the queue along with the care workers and the health workers and those people whose jobs put them in danger every day.”


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