Reacher star Alan Ritchson on major differences to original Tom Cruise film Did it right

Reacher: Alan Ritchson stars in Amazon Prime trailer

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Ex-military police officer and nomadic hero Jack Reacher has finally returned, this time portrayed by DC star Alan Ritchson. After the first season of the new Amazon Prime Video show was released in February, the show’s creators and leading star Alan Ritchson have looked back on the first attempt to tackle Lee Child’s best-selling thrillers.

Alan and Lee have revealed how the new Jack Reacher series differs from Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise’s cinematic portrayal of the character.

The iconic vigilante was introduced in Lee’s first thriller novel, Killing Floor, and made his live-action debut in 2012.

However, the film and its sequel, Never Look Back, have been criticised by fans of the novels, in part due to Tom’s divisive casting.

The show’s lead admitted he can’t compare his career to Reacher’s original portrayer, but thought fans would be happier with Prime Video’s new take on Lee’s novels.

“There’s just no way to compare myself to Tom Cruise,” he told “He’s a legend, I am not.

“I do want to look towards the books and to Lee Child’s work and honour that, and bring to life the best Jack Reacher that I have the chance to do.”

Amazon Prime Video’s new adaptation of the series is based on the first book, Killing Floor, while Tom’s films drew inspiration from One Shot and Never Go Back.

However, Alan’s portrayal of the often silent hero has been far better received, not least because of his six-foot-five build in comparison to Tom’s five-foot-seven.

Alan continued: “It’s strange to be mentioned in the same sentence with Tom Cruise. He’s a legend and he will always loom large, rightfully, over this franchise.

“But I’m grateful for the chance to give Reacher my own take and breathe new life into this. I think it’s deserved. I’m grateful for the time that we live in where streaming is taking hold of the medium, in the way that a book can get eight episodes rather than a feature to tell the story.

“It’s the right way to tell the story, so the stars have aligned for us to do this right. I only have gratitude for Mr Cruise and the many eyes that he brought to the franchise who otherwise wouldn’t have known about the books.”

Author Lee also felt Alan was an ideal fit for his iconic character’s new foray onto screens when he talked to about the new series.

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He explained: “We needed a guy who matched what we’d written. Alan was perfect for that.

“Whereas I love Tom as a person, we had a lot of fun, he was great to work with, for the new project we needed a new actor who could commit to a much longer duration.”

“I think it’s partly tied into the physique,” he added when asked what Alan brought to the role.

“The implacability of when he’s quiet, when he won’t say anything. When he chooses not to speak or move. There’s something about his massiveness that enhances that over other actors.

“Mostly, we also have to remember Reacher is a loner, but each story is really an ensemble. And the cast in this one is brilliant.

“The principal trio, him, Finley and Roscoe, just worked really, really well. That ensemble acting is something I’m really pleased with. Especially over a long narrative like this, it’s really something.”

Sadly, Reacher had to say goodbye to Oscar Finley (played by Malcolm Goodwin) and Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) as each story is set in a completely different location.

Although Finley and Roscoe won’t be coming back, fans were thrilled when Amazon confirmed Reacher will indeed return for at least one more season shortly after its premiere.

Reacher season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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